76 Most Stylish Tattoos For Women

7 years ago / By Tattoo.Magz

Tattoos for women have to be classy and they have to look perfect. It’s a great shame to sometimes see a creature from Venus walking around with a badly done or wrongly chosen tattoo. We have standards ladies! And it’s hard work keeping those standards up, so with the intent of helping you avoid a tattoo disaster, we have found the 78 most stylish tattoos for women done this year.

Tattoos for women have recently become more refined. Artists are turning away from the bold, conspicuous designs and favouring a more soft, subtle, delicate approach. Needless to say that the outcomes are as fine as a tattoo can be. With skilled craftsmanship and pastel colors, these tattoos for women are the very essence of feminine sophistication. Thanks for caring, thanks for sharing.

Table of Contents

1. This wonderful angel tattoo for women.


(photo by tattooist_banul)

2. This remarkable flower dreamcather tattoo.


(photo by tattooist_flower)

3. This lovely dancer tattoo for women.


(photo by brusimoes)

4. This breathtaking house tattoo for women.


(photo by abrahaoana)

5. This cute little piggy tattoo for women.


(photo by tattooist_banul)

6. This phenomenal shell sleeve tattoo for women.

9. This “sweetness of doing nothing” tattoo.


(photo by tattooist_flower)

10. This gorgeous birdies on a branch tattoo.


(photo by jesspaixaotattoo)

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