69 Spectacular Mandala Sleeve Tattoos

7 years ago / By Tattoo.Magz

Mandala sleeve tattoos are mesmerising pieces of art tattooed in the form of either a full or half sleeve on your arms or on your legs. Mandala sleeve tattoos are all about sacred geometry, but you can also include flowers or animals, swirls and twirls  in to your creations.

The most popular styles for mandala sleeve tattoos are blackwork, done with dotwork or linework techniques. Mandala sleeve tattoos also look stunning when done with blackout or negative space effects. Colorful mandala sleeve tattoos are less common, but they are just as special and tend have a more dazzling effect.

It takes a special technique and years of experience to get mandala sleeve tattoos to look as fabulous as the ones on this article. Artist like JeanmarcoTattoo, dotstolines, micotattoo, nissaco, alex_tabuns, otheser_dsts and laurajadetattoos are some of the veterans responsible for the following masterpieces. Thanks for caring, thanks for sharing.

Table of Contents

1. This awesome rose and mandala full sleeve tattoo.

Mandala Sleeve Tattoos

The word ‘mandala’ is sourced from a Sanskrit word that means circle. Earlier, Mandala was only used in different kinds of spiritual rites and sacred rites in Hinduism and Buddhism, but now it is a form of art that is widely appreciated in the whole world. Mandala also represents the world. Mandala designs are really in trend right now, and I think it looks classic as always. Beautiful flower patterns make the tattoo very pretty. If you are planning to get a sleeve tattoo, then go for this mandala design without even thinking twice. The tattoo will take time but believe me, it’s worth it.

2. This intricate full sleeve tattoo.

Mandala Sleeve Tattoos

This Intricate Full sleeve tattoo looks stunning, and honestly, I love the patterns. The Mandala is made on lines, and big patterns are used to make the design look fuller. The tattoo is just simply beautiful, and I love the design. The circular patterns and flower patterns make it look extraordinary. A mandala is a geometric configuration of symbols, and honestly, it looks super dope. If you are into this, honestly, then you would love this. I’m seriously in Love with mandala patterns, and you can hunt many more designs from this article that will help you to choose the perfect design for you.

3. This kick ass full sleeve tattoo.

Mandala Sleeve Tattoos

Damn, look at this piece of art! The tattoo design is all about a single mandala. All the design is surrounded by a single flower-shaped mandala. This mandala sleeve tattoo is blowing up so much. I just loved the reflexes and the shadows that surround the tattoos. Make sure you choose the spot properly where you want to get this tattoo done. Though this is a mandala sleeve tattoo, you can also get it done on any other spot as well. 

4. This amazing half sleeve mandala tattoo.

Mandala Sleeve Tattoos

As Mandala is a spiritual art and often used as a meditation and sacred medium, the designs often depict certain unknown meanings and verses. Well, here in this tattoo, it is pretty much visible that there is a representation of a flower, but honestly, it’s a temple-like structure. Below there’s a similar structure that denotes its reflection. What a beautiful way to denote and reciprocate the message, right? When I noticed the meaning and beauty of this half-sleeved tattoo, I was shocked. Let me know your views on this tattoo! 

5. This elegant full sleeve tattoo.

Mandala Sleeve Tattoos

This tattoo is phenomenal. Just look at the snakeskin kind of pattern that comes down from the above. Such great work, indeed. I just love such innovative designs that inspire people to get more tattoos. There are pretty flower patterns in the middle, which look even more stunning, and especially the flower patterns are a bit different, not like regular flower patterns. It’s really pretty, and you can choose this design if you want to stand out and look something extraordinary to people. 

6. This fantastic skull and mandala full sleeve tattoo.

Mandala Sleeve Tattoos

Skull tattoos look scary indeed but look cool as well. Skull tattoos are phenomenal as always and a trendsetter indeed. Getting a skull tattoo is more or less great as it escalates the beauty and the intensity of your tattoos. I’m a big fan of pretty skull tattoos, and I think I can go for it without any further confusion. This mandala tattoo is beautifully made with skull structures. There are no flowers or patterns done here but only skulls. A beautiful design. Check mark this design if you are planning to go for a mandala sleeve tattoo. 

7. These phenomenal mandala sleeve tattoos.

Mandala Sleeve Tattoos

This both-hand mandala sleeve tattoo will encourage you to go for this design right away. This mandala sleeve tattoo is no doubt beautiful and is filled with patterns. I appreciate the hard work of the artist as it is drawn with patience and skillful hands. You need to choose a proper tattoo artist and get it done by them. You should rely on skillful artists for a bigger project like this. I like the handwork and the design of this tattoo. But it’s a tattoo for both hands. Go for one hand if you don’t want to go for both hands.

8. This exquisite full sleeve tattoo.

Mandala Sleeve Tattoos

As I already mentioned earlier, a mandala is all about pretty circular diagrams and free-hand patterns that sometimes do make sense. You can’t figure out a mandala all the time because most of the time mandala is drawn as per instinct, and no one knows what the design denotes. So, in fact, you can’t decipher it as well. So, in that case, don’t try to read the patterns. Here in this tattoo, the patterns form beautiful yantras, which are normally considered Hindu protection drawings. Sometimes people worship these yantras as well. 

9. This black and grey full sleeve tattoo.

Mandala Sleeve Tattoos

This is a full-sleeve tattoo, and these tattoos look beautiful. The prettiest thing about mandala design is it looks super cool, but it’s nothing, just patterns. This Black and grey mandala tattoo is everything you need. Trust me, it looks super good, and you’ll love this tattoo as well. I’m in Love with this tattoo, as the shading and everything is so good. Makes the tattoo look more intense and beautiful. The black and grey shading makes the tattoo look more beautiful and extraordinary. Isn’t it? 

10. This lovely half sleeve mandala tattoo.

Mandala Sleeve Tattoos

If you want something minimalistic and simple, then you should go for this half-sleeve mandala tattoo design. This looks extremely beautiful as it is simple yet phenomenal. I like tattoos like this as you don’t need to go for a full-sleeve tattoo, and you can still look as similarly cool. This half-sleeve tattoo is beautifully done with a lot of flower patterns and beautiful line patterns to make the tattoo look stunning. Put a checkmark on this design if you are planning to go for half sleeve tattoo.