66 Blackwork Tattoos Driving Women To Ink

7 years ago / By Tattoo.Magz

Table of Contents

51. This amazing blackwork tattoo.

seed of life tattoo by gerardowaz

(photo by gerardowaz)

52. This sexy Moon tattoo.

sexy moon tattoo by xoxotattoo

(photo by xoxotattoo)

53. This swirling shoulder shell tattoo.

shell tattoo by okanuckun

(photo by okanuckun)

54. This cute space whale blackwork tattoo.

space whale blackwork tattoo by bombayfoor

(photo by bombayfoor)

56. This cute handpoked bracelet tattoo.

stick and poke bracelet tattoo by ann_pokes

(photo by ann_pokes)

57. This lovely blackwork tattoo.

stick and poke tattoo by taticompton

(photo by taticompton)

58. This phenomenal sunflower tattoo.

sunflower tattoo by thomasetattoos

(photo by thomasetattoos)

59. This delicate flower blackwork tattoo.

60. This minimalistic neck tattoo.

symbeos tattoo by okanuckun

(photo by okanuckun)