66 Blackwork Tattoos Driving Women To Ink

7 years ago / By Tattoo.Magz

Blackwork tattoos aren’t just your regular heavy duty tattoos anymore. Oh no! Blackwork tattoos have evolved big time since they first started out and boy do they impress. From fine line beauties to dreamy dotwork pieces of art, these trendy blackwork tattoos are being inked on all of the most stylish, sexy and confident women out there.

It’s all about elegance and minimalism, intricate patterns and lacy designs. Less is the new more. You no longer have to fear about hiding your tattoo. The blackwork tattoos of today are to be worn proud, made for the world to see and admire.

We have collected the most exquisite blackwork tattoos created by some of the most renowned tattoo artists out there for your pleasure, in hopes of guiding you in to the new era of tattoos. Thanks for caring, thanks for sharing.

Table of Contents

1. This perfect Amy Winehouse blackwork tattoo.

amy winehouse miniature circle tattoo by evakrbdk

(photo by evakrbdk)

2. This geometric Aries blackwork tattoo.

aries skull tattoo by xoxotattoo

(photo by xoxotattoo)

3. This mesmerising backpackers tattoo.

backpacker tattoo by bombayfoor

(photo by bombayfoor)

4. This phenomenal butterfly tattoo.

5. This enchanting crystal castle blackwork tattoo.

crystal castle tattoo by thomasetattoos

(photo by thomasetattoos)

6. This fluffy blackwork penguin tattoo.

cute penguin tattoo by lazerliz

(photo by lazerliz)

7. This ornamental geometric dotwork tattoo.

dotwork ornamental geometric tattoo by matteonangeroni

(photo by matteonangeroni)

8. This incredible rose blackwork tattoo.

dotwork rose tattoo by xoxotattoo

(photo by xoxotattoo)

9. This fun bubble elephant tattoo.

elephant in a bubble tattoo by violeta.arus

(photo by violeta.arus)

10. This amazing elephant tattoo.

elephant tattoo by abrahaoana

(photo by abrahaoana)

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