5 Ways to Pick a Perfume That Suits You 

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 Picking a perfect perfume that totally suits you can be a challenging task for some. Simply, if you’re not a perfume expert, you might feel a bit confused by all the scents, notes and names. However, your perfume choice has to suit you, which is why it’s important to take your time and do your research. Therefore, here are some helpful tips that will show you how to pick a perfume or fragrance that truly suits you. 

1. Learn about top, base and heart notes

This is the first step that will ensure you more knowledge. Top, base and heart notes are similar to perfume ingredients: these are the smells that you notice when you open the bottle or spritz the perfume on your skin. Top notes are the most lightweight notes, meaning they tend to evaporate after about fifteen minutes. Heart notes, also known as middle notes, are those that start to come through once the top notes evaporate. They’re literally the heart of the perfume, hence their name. These notes also make up about 70% of perfume ingredients, which means they last the longest. Finally, we have base notes. They’re the final notes that appear after all the other notes evaporate. 

2. Get acquainted with most common scents 

Some perfume scents are so popular, so it’s not surprising they’re often one of the most common ingredients. For example, floral notes, citrus and herbs are the most common top notes, so it’s very likely you’ll smell them every time you test out a new perfume. Those scents are popular for a reason, so make sure to try them all, so you’ll be able to get a clearer picture of what you actually prefer. 

3. Read the reviews 

The best way to make sure that you’re choosing the right fragrance is to test it in person. However, many stores lack the sufficient number of testers, which is why many shoppers prefer to shop online. However, there might be a catch: when you’re buying a perfume online, you don’t get the chance to test it, which is why reading the reviews is a must. For example, if you read the Twilly d’Hermes Perfume Review, you’ll notice that it’s sweet, citrusy and floral. Base notes are made of sandalwood and vanilla, which means that these scents are dominating, especially after many hours of wearing it. Reading the reviews is hugely important as it tells you more about whether the fragrance will be suitable for you.

4. If you’re new to perfumes, skip the heavier scents 

Heavier scents are luxurious and easily spotted even from a longer distance. However, if you’re a perfume newbie, you’ll definitely benefit more from fresh, fruity and musky notes. Once you get accustomed to more lightweight scents, feel free to move on to floral, spicy and woody scents. Doing things slowly will give you enough time to learn more about different fragrances, and eventually find your own perfect signature scent.

5. Don’t overspend if you’re unsure to Pick a Perfume 

If the fragrance is expensive, then it’s likely there’s a good reason for that. However, if you’re new to fragrances, it’s better to opt for something in the mid-range price. That way, you won’t regret spending money if you don’t like it after a while. On the other hand, buying a perfume that’s too cheap will likely guarantee a lack of quality. Averagely-priced fragrances are a perfect place to start if you’re unsure of your own tastes, or you’re just starting to experiment with fragrances. 


Pick a perfume that suits you might require some research, but once you find your own fragrance, you won’t be able to live without it. These tips will help you along the way, however, make sure to consider your personality, habits and preferences as that will help you find your next perfect perfume.

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