40 Beautifully Elegant Tattoos For Women

4 years ago / By Tattoo.Magz

Table of Contents

21. This beautiful ankle tattoo.

22. This geometric rose tattoo.

geometric rose tattoo by modificart_

(photo by modificart_)

23. These sublime hand flower tattoos for women.

hand flower tattoo by zihwa_tattooer

(photo by zihwa_tattooer)

24. These breathtaking rose tattoos for women.

hand rose tattoos by adamvunoir

(photo by adamvunoir)

25. This exquisite anchor tattoo.

heart anchor tattoo by arodinho

(photo by arodinho)

26. This Cupid’s arrow tattoo.

heart arrow tattoo by joseflavioaudi

(photo by joseflavioaudi)

27. This incredible hand poked mermaid tattoo.

mermaid handpoked tattoo by taticompton

(photo by taticompton)

28. This black and grey mermaid tattoo.

mermaid tattoo by salesdanilo

(photo by salesdanilo)

29. This enchanting tattoo for women.

mermaid tattoo by wagner_maximus

(photo by wagner_maximus)

30. This tiny Mickey tattoo.

mini mickey tattoo by gabrielatattoo

(photo by gabrielatattoo)