40 Beautifully Elegant Tattoos For Women

7 years ago / By Tattoo.Magz

There are any amount of tattoos for women circling round the internet, and you might find yourself thinking “how the hell do I choose?” Well, worry no further ladies! I have found the most delicate, stylish and trendy tattoos out there, created by renowned tattooists with an unparalleled sense of creativity and elegance.

The tattoos for women you are about to see have styles such as fine line, dotwork, sublime watercolor, minimalism and black and grey. They bring out the beauty within you, they are the depiction of dreams, they are there to compliment your skin, not take over.

Be sure to check out and follow the artists on their Instagram pages, and remember, these tattoos for women are here to guide you in finding your ideal tattoo. Use your gorgeous life and personal details to tailor your very own tattoo. Thanks for caring, thanks for sharing.

1. This dainty anchor tattoo.

anchor tattoo by adaorosatattoo

(photo by adaorosatattoo)

2. This sublime bicycle tattoo.

bicycle tattoo by thitattoo

(photo by thitattoo)

3. This gorgeous watercolor tattoo.

4. These captivating tree and bird tattoos for women.

bird and tree tattoo by brunomazambane_

(photo by brunomazambane_)

5. This minimalistic tattoo.

bird tattoo by felixtattoo1

(photo by felixtattoo1)

6. This dreamy tattoo.

blowing kisses tattoo by hugoperestattoo

(photo by hugoperestattoo)

7. This ever blooming rose tattoo.

blue flower tattoo by tattooist_flower

(photo by tattooist_flower)

8. This enchanting wolf tattoo.

blue wolf tattoo by tattooist_banul

(photo by tattooist_banul)

9. This geometrically beautiful tattoo.

10. This bright carnation tattoo.

carnation tattoo by lucylululu

(photo by lucylululu)

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