39 Luxurious Poppy Tattoos

4 years ago / By Tattoo.Magz

31. This lovely floral arrangement tattoo.

poppy tattoo by pepee tattoo

(photo by Pepee Tattoo)

32. This phenomenal poppy tattoo.

33. This neat poppy tattoo.

poppy tattoo by tattooist_wonseok2

(photo by tattooist_wonseok)

34. This captivating fox and poppy tattoo.

35. This brilliantly trippy poppy tattoo.

36. This beautiful poppy tattoo.

poppy tattoo by ivana belakova

(photo by Ivana Belakova)

37. This black and grey poppy tattoo.

thigh poppy tattoo

(artist unknown)

38. This Trash Polka style poppy tattoo.

trash polka style poppy tattoo

(artist unknown)

39. This wonderful poppy tattoo.