28 Small Tattoos Every Girl Needs To Get

7 years ago / By Tattoo.Magz

Small tattoos are quick, fairly painless, and absolutely dreamy. They are also easy to hide from disapproving parents and pesky employers. If it’s you first time getting a tattoo, small tattoos are a great place to start. They are pretty much impossible to mess up, and thanks to their size, they are totally affordable. If you are looking for the best tattoos click here.

You are about to see the craftsmanship of one of the top class gurus in small tattoos. Tattooist Banul is a South Korean romantic who is based in Seoul. Her refined creations vary from teeny animal portraits, to poetic naturalistic illustrations, to glorious flowery arrangements. Banul creates delightful watercolor and blackwork tattoos that leave you yearning for more, I honestly and strongly recommend that you follow her on her Instagram page so as not to miss out on any dainty, creative handiwork.

Small tattoos are perfect for girls and women alike. They are delicate and feminine, and can carry lovely symbolism and meaning. Have a look at these 28 blissfully small tattoos, I promise they will not disappoint. Thanks for caring, thanks for sharing.

1. This delightful plane tattoo.



2. This exquisite little flower tattoo.



3. This gorgeous bunch of flowers tattoo.



4. These dreamy butterfly tattoos.



5. This sweet cat holding a flower tattoo.



6. This perfect green clover tattoo.



7. This wonderful watercolor constellation tattoo.



8. This beautiful flower anklet tattoo.



9. This captivating rose tattoo.



10. This splendid Moon, butterfly and flower tattoo.