15 Email Newsletters That People Love Receiving

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Go to your inbox right now, and you’ll likely find a bunch of newsletters from companies trying hard to get your attention. Every time you receive one, it feels like a bit of notification that someone is still thinking about you—even if it’s just a computer at some distant location cranking away on its server farms. But how do you know which ones are worth going out of your way to sign up for?

We put together this list of 15 email newsletters that have generated a lot of buzz. Some might not be what they appear at first glance, while others may ask the very question: “Why did I even bother signing up for this?” Still, there are definitely some gems in here worth exploring further.

What’s more, some lessons can be learned about what makes an effective company newsletter. And if you’re planning on creating your own email newsletter at any point—for business or pleasure—you might want to take notes from these newsletter examples:

Bold Sky (Via)

This newsletter goes out every Friday and is focused on growth, marketing, and business. It has an easy-to-read layout with visuals broken up by sections of text. I like the use of colors here because they contrast each other really well without clashing or being too loud. The tone for this one felt more professional than most, too—it just had a clean feel that made me want to open it up even if I didn’t recognize any of the topics in there.

Sweeten Your Day (Via)

The first thing you’ll notice about their newsletter design is the bright colors used throughout the piece. They are very cheerful, complementing their content perfectly and making it feel like a treat. It’s published once a month and goes out to anyone who has visited their site (which I’m not sure is great for them, but that issue aside).

Houzz: My Houzz (Via)

The concept behind this newsletter is neat. Based on what you have saved from the site, they’ll send you a selection of home goods from around the web each week. This is great because sometimes finding yourself needing to redecorate isn’t so easy these days with everything being online—especially if you’re looking for something specific. What’s more, some products here can be pretty unique too.

Seedly – Entrepreneurial Digest (Via)

This one is a bit more business-focused with a digest of new business ideas, success stories from entrepreneurs, and interviews with those who have been there and done that. It’s published weekly, although most of the content is from other sources, so you’ll need to check the author notes at the bottom each time to see if it’s worth your time.

The Skimm (Via)

This newsletter shares some interesting articles in a quick-read format with an emphasis on humor. There are no ads or anything else here either—just good old-fashioned writing that makes it feel accessible for anyone who might want to use a dose of news as entertainment before they start their day. Plus, I like how upbeat this one feels, too; it definitely lightened my day (and definitely the morning after my last trip to the bar).

The Sweet (Via)

A weekly roundup of top deals for foodies. Their newsletter layout is pretty straightforward, with an easy-to-read format and clear sections. The writing style here was also very relaxed, making it feel like you’re catching up on your friends’ latest rants about what they’ve been eating lately. Fancy being in that circle? You’ll have to sign up then!

Blue24news (Via)

This one is a bit different since it has no images—it’s just text laid out over a blue background. It does have some large headers within each section for key points, but other than that, there are no frills. It goes out every day, and it’s pretty heavy with content—but if you want a full picture of what’s going on in the world, then this is an easy place to get that info.

The Relevancy Report (Via)

A newsletter that showcases recent LinkedIn articles written by members across different industries. You can read them all at once or browse through various topics such as marketing, careers, and small business–whatever takes your fancy, really. A great way to keep up with news from people who may be in related fields to yourself instead of just hearing about someone else entirely unrelated making big waves somewhere else far away. I like this style for networking and getting new ideas for my own field.

Blue Sky Resumes (Via)

This one comes out every Monday and covers all the news for the week in your career. It’s nothing too serious or boring with a casual tone throughout. Still, it definitely won’t disappoint if you’re looking for an overview of what went on last week in your industry—so don’t miss it here.

The Captain Awkward Dot Com (Via)

A super insightful newsletter that tackles issues most people are afraid to touch upon. If you have any problems being honest about social situations, this is an excellent read since most of their content just shares stories from others who have gone through similar things themselves. An elegant way to get more insight into your own life without feeling awkward about it either—since they dole out advice with stories before telling you how to deal with the situation yourself.

The Morning Paper (Via)

This wire service sends out an email every day sharing a summarized version of what’s going on wire-to-wire in terms of news. It’s perfect for anyone who likes to keep up with what’s happening abroad but doesn’t have time to pour through dozens of articles. The great thing about this one is that it also helps you decide what to read next if anything, or just leaves you content enough that you don’t need to do any further research over the day. So it really depends on your needs!

Working Not Working (Via)

A fun newsletter that showcases cool jobs worldwide, including everything from designers and writers to marketers and engineers; there’s no shortage of options to choose from. I really liked the relaxed tone here, too—it felt easy to get through quickly, which made it perfect for your morning coffee or tea before work.

The Dappered Stitch (Via)

Since clothes are always a hot topic, this one was fun because it delves into fashion trends with an entertaining twist. It’s clear why you should follow this newsletter too once you open it since the writing style is incredibly friendly and approachable. Which makes it feel very personable instead of stuffy or boring like some other fashion-related emails can come across. The emails also show off pictures of their products throughout the newsletter, so even if fashion isn’t your thing, at least you’ll appreciate seeing all those dapper duds!

Five Senses (Via)

This newsletter is very unique because it’s filled with articles and topics on five senses each day rather than one. In addition, they mix things up, so you’ll see different entries every time. Sometimes, they even highlight entire issues of magazines or books if they want to show off a topic that they think deserves more attention. I really liked the concept of this one since it felt like an easy way to relax during your morning commute. And I also found myself learning a thing or two along the way.

Daily Creativity Boost (Via)

I love creativity in all forms of media, so naturally, I was drawn here for all the latest thinking and news in my industry. It mixes in many different types of projects, whether it’s a new podcast, TED talk, or video that focuses on creativity. This is a great one to follow if you’re in need of some inspiration for your own work—I was always left feeling inspired and ready to tackle the day.

The bottom line is that your newsletter’s content should be relevant to your audience, not just applicable to your brand and services. After all, no one likes to receive unsolicited content; that’s the fastest way to send your email newsletters into the spam folder. But hey, audiences judge email content by the cover. So make sure your visual is dressed to the nines. Use a newsletter creator like Venngage. Pre-made templates allow you a complete visual preview of how your newsletters should be – or shouldn’t be. Then, it’s a simple click, drag, and upload to incorporate relevant content to show-stopping visuals!