114 Tantalising Tattoo Designs For Men

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Tattoo designs for men

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111. This brilliant Minuteman tattoo.

Tattoo designs for men


112. This impressive octopus tattoo.

Tattoo designs for men


113. This sketch style crow tattoo.

Tattoo designs for men


114. These chest hand tattoo designs for men.

Tattoo designs for men


Ok, so now for the artists. We’ve got tattoos by tattooist from all over the world. We seriously recommend that you pay these guys a visit and get them to come up with your very own tattoo. Make a trip out of it! Go travelling! Tattoo tourism is a thing guys, and the reason for it? The best of the best tattoos by the most insane artists.

Featured artists are Isaiah Negrete in California, Nissaco Osaka in Japan, Kamil Mokot in Berlin, Dynoz Art Attack in Greece, Sasha Tabuns in Russia, Frank Carrilho in Canada, Aaron Anthony in London, Emrah De Lausbud in Germany, Mess Tattoos in the UK, Russell Winter in Melbourne, Michele L’Abbate in London, Chaim Machlev in Berlin, Hugo Tattooer in Seoul, Balzas Bercsenyi in New York City, Pony Reinhardt in Portland OR, Daniel Jay Nodianos in Pittsburg, Sarah Herzdame in Berlin, Sarah Gaugler in New York City, Inez Janiak in Poland, BICEM SINIK in Istanbul, Marian Merl in Vienna, Jak Connolly in Manchester and Bournemouth, Ruben in Copenhagen, Mr. K in New York City, Little Andy in Birmingham, Gakkin in Kyoto, Justin Olivier in New Orleans, Gerhard Wiesbeck in Berlin, Horitada in Japan and last but not least, RG74 in New York City.

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