105 Sensational Watercolor Flower Tattoos

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Watercolor Flower Tattoos

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31. This bright pomegranate branch watercolor tattoo.

Watercolor Flower Tattoos

Bright pomegranate branch water colour tattoo is yet another beautiful one, with pomegranate flowers designed in it. One of the best places to wear this tattoo is the back of the arms and the tattoo raising up to the back shoulders. It has a beautiful curved stem almost like the shape of an omega & the leaves are perfect look of pomegranate leaves along with flower blooming and buds shining. You can have this tattoo and it looks very original and sui generis because of its make. 

32. This incredibly realistic watercolor flower tattoo.

Watercolor Flower Tattoos

 Incredibly realistic water colour tattoo is a unique tattoo of a blue flower bud. It is almost in the colour of the lavender. And, it’s a single bud with stems. But if you look at the make of this tattoo then you will have difficulty in differentiation it between the real flower and the original flower which is kept besides it. It took time even for me to differentiate which is real and which is a tattoo. The make of this tattoo is very original and looks beautiful. 

34. This life like watercolor flower tattoo.

Watercolor Flower Tattoos

Life like water colour flower tattoo. One of the amazing things that you will know about the tattoo making is that, even if you bring real flower and show it, they can make same tattoo on your body. So, this is the case of this tattoo. This tattoo is the flower of blue flax type. But its pink in colour. The stem looks thick and there is a beautiful bud also shown in the image. This is one beautiful blue flax flower tattoo that you can have in your arms. Also, if you are wearing a deep back neck dress then this design will suit it. 

35. This pretty rose watercolor tattoo.

Watercolor Flower Tattoos

Pretty rose watercolour tattoo is a yet another beautiful rose tattoo. But the entire beauty of this tattoo lies in the rose which looks like real rose placed in your hands. Also, the rose has a beautiful light pink colour along with slight creamiest colour on the edges and sides, which makes it look or gives it a very original look. The stems, leaves and buds also look pretty real and it has a beautiful dark and olive-green colour stem. Overall its originality cannot be matched.

36. This colorful watercolor flower tattoo.

Watercolor Flower Tattoos

Colourful watercolour flower tattoo is another beautiful multi-colour tattoo which has a mix and combination of all the colours if you see. It has pink, orange, red, brown, yellow, blue and all shades of green too. So, if you are a person who loves multi-colour or loves multiple colours, then you should wear this tattoo. It looks very beautiful and happy-go-lucky kind of tattoo and you can wear it with any colour or kind of apparel, there is no need for you to bother about which apparel will highlight the same.

37. This full back cherry blossom watercolor tattoo.

Watercolor Flower Tattoos

Cherry blossom water coloured tattoo is one of the best tattoos that you can ever see as it highlights the beauty. You can choose to have a small cherry blossom tattoo or a large one like the one shown in the picture. This tattoo has a lot of intricate work, especially the design to make it look exactly like cherry blossom. It looks good and can go with any dress combination. Depends on what style you choose. The Pink cherry blossom tattoo looks amazing and you can choose to have a cherry blossom tattoo even in your arms too. 

38. This superb watercolor flower tattoo.

Watercolor Flower Tattoos

 Superb water colour flower tattoo is also one brilliant hibiscus flower look alike type tattoo; the only difference is the yellow beads that are coming from the centre of the flower. This is exactly what makes it look unique. The olive-green leaves and its colour combinations make it look even more real. Also, the design accompanies one single petal towards the wrists which looks or gives the tattoo even more real look in which it looks like the petal has just fallen from the flowers. So, you can even wear this tattoo in your arms and have a single petal drawn towards your front wrists, which will look beautiful.

39. This dainty watercolor flower tattoo.

Watercolor Flower Tattoos

Dainty water colour flower tattoo is unique and beautiful tattoo, which looks very real. But the beauty of this tattoo lies in the intricate borders around the flower which is drawn in black outline. Plus, the leaves looks so beautiful and slightly curved or turned on one side that it gives the entire tattoo a very original kind of look. The colour combination comprises of red, pink, lavender, orange and hues of green colour which gives it a very authentic look. It is one of the best live tattoos that you can ever have also are others mentioned above. 

40. This small watercolor flower tattoo.

Watercolor Flower Tattoos

Small water colour flower tattoo is a beautiful sunflower tattoo with a bright and lively yellow colour or faded yellow colour, which looks very real from afar. One of the best places to have this beautiful, gentle and sober tattoo is your arms or neck or collarbone. And, one of the best colour outfits that will suit this tattoo is green and black. The flower looks so real as if it is ready to be plucked. Also, the olive green and florescent leaves look beautiful and real. Also, the stem ends with a light-yellow colour. Overall, it’s one of the best live tattoos that you can ever have. 

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