Wild Wadi and Other Top Places to Visit With Your Family in Dubai

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Family in Dubai

Dubai is most famous for its wide variety of exciting places to visit including a huge network of roads, huge shopping malls, skyscrapers, and adventure sports. This city provides stellar adventures, hospitality, culture, and did I mention amazing shopping experience. Going to Dubai is like traveling to a city with extreme contrast and varied cultures where traditional dessert and the vibrancy of modern metropolis and luxury are interred. It’s a city of skyscrapers, ports, and beaches and widely contrast it is also a city with deserts and dunes- Family in Dubai. 

Tourists can have adventures with various sports and at the same time have the most luxurious and relaxing times. The Wadi Wadi adventure park is one of the top places to visit with your family where you can enjoy various water slides and many adrenaline-filled rides. If you want something to fill your adrenaline rush there is the crown jewel slide of the park called Jumeirah Sceirah, it is one of the tallest and the fastest of the slides with 120 meters of free-fall water slide making you fall at a speed of 80 km/h. Other places include Palm Jumeirah, Dubai Aquarium, and  the amazing Desert Safari Dubai.

Wild Wadi Water Park- Family in Dubai

You can enjoy your Wild Wadi park tickets by visiting this 23 acres of land filled with adrenaline-filled rides and attractions like no other. This park offers one of the largest wave pools in the entire Middle East as well as an adventure river with rafting slides and a mini aqua park for the kids.

This park is an aquatic Arabic experience, a great chance to beat the heat of Dubai’s warm weather. This park is themed around the tale of a renowned folklore character – Juha, a fun family attraction providing an array of pulsating rides, slides, and activities for all the different age groups.

Burj Khalifa- Family in Dubai

This is one of the prime attractions of Dubai standing tall at 828 meters piercing through the sky, it is one of the tallest buildings in the world. Go around the tour traveling to the 148th floor of this enormous building and experience a high flying experience floating in between the clouds.

One can also relax in the Armani hotel Spa and go to the lounge at 583 meters high and have a unique tea in the clouds experience. This place also has an aquarium with thousands of sea creatures which also includes the largest collection of sand tiger sharks.

Palm Jumeirah

Pal Jumeirah is one of the three planned palmed artificial islands offering tourists an array of activities including an upmarket shopping mall, and beach resorts, also has private residents living on this island. This island is the largest man-made island in the world.

Accessing this place is easy with a connection of roads, tunnels, and public transport. One of the ways to enjoy this island is by sailing through the Palm Jumeirah by hatch or speed boat. You can also walk along the boardwalk, and also have a skydiving experience to have a perfect view of the entire island.

Dubai Aquarium and an underwater zoo

This tourist attraction is based on the ground floor of the Dubai Mall. This aquarium and zoo is home to thirty-three thousand marine life here with around 10 million liters of water within this underwater tank. This zoo occupies a level above the tank showcasing a plethora of marine life which is usually found in the ocean, rivers, lakes, and other water bodies around the world. 

Tourists can pick an option to go through the glass bottom ride over the tank, also can take a dip in the fine cage snorkeling, shark dive, one call so just walk through this beautiful forty eight-meter tunnel providing a 270-degree view of the aquarium.

Dubai Desert Safari

Tourists have a combination of dune bashing, camel ride in the sunset, safari, and a traditional Arabian experience done right. It is one of the most adrenaline rush-filled experiences as soon as the car which has enough torque and power hits the dunes giving one hell of a ride. Tourists can also go sand skiing in those deserts.  People can also have a quad bike ride on those dunes. Later can relax by having dinner and watching a belly dance show, fire show, and Tanura show.

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