What’s My Role In A Personal Injury Lawsuit?

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Following a personal injury, you’ll likely be overwhelmed with medical bills, financial stress, and pain and suffering. You can take some of the stress off your plate by working with a trusted attorney. With their help, you can file your claim with the best setup for successful outcomes.


Plus, your attorney will advocate for you. Your case will be reviewed thoroughly, and you’ll have the assistance you need to fight for the compensation you deserve. You’ll also avoid falling victim to traps set by insurance companies and others with financial agendas. 


When you involve a personal injury attorney, you can have everything taken care of. Your role in a personal injury lawsuit is, therefore, to do your part and then relax and let your attorney handle the details. For more information on your responsibilities as a client, continue reading below. 


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Your Role In A Personal Injury Lawsuit

While you can unburden yourself with most personal injury lawsuit responsibilities, you’re not entirely off the hook. While your attorney is busy gathering evidence and strategizing on your behalf, you’ll need to help them by providing them with all of the information you have about your case. The more information you give your attorney, the more that they can help you win out in your case. 


Give all the case facts to your attorney. Some states have comparative negligence laws. By supplying your attorney with all you know, they can strategize and help you out, even if you are at fault. Your role in a personal injury lawsuit is to tell your attorney everything you know about your case; this is necessary for your attorney to act with your best interests in mind.  


Staying Clear From Insurance 

Insurance companies are looking to make money and to prevent the possibility of losing out on money. In the attempt to protect themselves, they may try to settle with you for way less than you deserve. Your role in a personal injury lawsuit is not to accept offers from insurance companies.  Always discuss these matters with your attorney and let them guide you on the best action plan toward compensation. 


Getting Your Doctor Onboard

Make sure that you clarify the severity of your injuries with your medical provider. With a medical doctor onboard, your case gains a great deal of influence. Make sure your doctor understands everything about your injuries and their implications so they can best support you. Additionally, your role in a personal injury lawsuit is to continue getting medical treatment, so it is evident that you clearly need the medical assistance and should receive compensation for medical costs. 


Following Through On Your Part For Your Case 

Beyond informing your attorney everything you know about your case, avoid accepting insurance offers (including those requesting to resolve your case independently), and get your medical provider on your side. If you follow through on these key action steps and let your personal injury attorney handle the rest, you’re fulfilling your role in a personal injury lawsuit.