What you need to read about Destiny 2 before entering the project

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Destiny 2 before entering the projec

Destiny 2 is experiencing a second wave of popularity, due to the interesting mechanics of the shooter of the future with the combination of MMO elements in the network of the future.

Decide on your preferred hero – it will not be difficult to do this, since in Destiny 2 the choice is limited to only three characters. Don’t let this fool you – the mechanic for each of them will be enough for any lover of skill combinations.

You can choose from many racesand several varieties of game specializations available to choose from:

Titan is a defender and shield master who combines ranged weapons with heavy armor and the ability to shield allies from direct damage.

Warlock is a support and attack class at the same time. You will be able to deal massive damage to targets that are close to each other. There is also an alternative development option – to upgrade healing skills that restore health to allies within the radius of action.

The hunter is a marksman and a master of daggers. Dangerous from long distances and in close combat. Mobile class with a large set of grenades.

What can be useful when conquering the world of Destiny 2

  • Skycoach player help service
  • Game Information Database Destiny 2 Fandom
  • Information and communication with players Banjie Forum


What is Skycoach? This is a platform for interacting with professional players who can provide the gamer with many popular services – put gold in the right quantities, teach how to play in the classroom and understand the meta, guide through the raid and much more.

Leveling up your character

If you want to get to highlv content as quickly as possible and attend really difficult and valuable raids and PvP events, you need a level. It can be obtained by a chain of story missions and contracts, or ordered from professional players and get a top-level character in a few hours.

Glitter Delivery

To provide yourself with all the necessary weapons and equipment for your character, you need a lot of sparkles. Having accumulated enough currency, you will always buy everything you need from other players, instead of farm raids and PVP events.

The purchase and transfer of glitters for free is a reason for imposing sanctions on the part of the game administration, therefore the Skycoach service interacts only with trusted suppliers and carefully masks the transaction to simulate a natural exchange between players.

Game mechanic training

There are two options to understand and master the class you have chosen – to play many hours in game locations, farm monsters, take part in PVP and raids, or seek help from a professional player who can tell in detail and show the capabilities of the selected class and teach farming, PVP techniques and PvE and a general understanding of the game meta.

Raid carry

Many raids require good preparation and equipment, having a large group to assault, and rewards this with the best equipment you can get in Destiny 2 – legendary.

In order not to risk the failure of the raid with random players, you can negotiate with professional Skycoach players. They will guide you through any raid and ensure that all experience and drops are transferred to your character’s hands.

Destiny 2 Fandom

The fandom is the largest knowledge base for Destiny 2.

You’ll find detailed descriptions of most weapons, helping to build a clear value system and help players aim for the really valuable weapons, rather than pass-through options that you’ll give up after a couple of levels.

Read information about the monsters and bosses you are hunting. If you find a chance to drop rare materials and equipment, you can start hunting for these mobs to get valuables for sale, or to strengthen your character.

Study the bosses, especially before going on a mythic raid.

You can find the general history of the boss – his role in the world of Destiny 2, his characteristics, a list of potential items that can drop from him with the chance indicated on the Fandom.

The most valuable thing is a general description of skills, having studied which you will compare the tactics and mechanics of combat and orient yourself about the future passage of the raid.

For example, a boss might be ranged and use orbs and other traits to hold off attacking players. This means that the titan will have to get close to the dungeon master as quickly as possible in order to start holding it on itself while the warlock will deal with the surrounding monsters, and the hunters will begin to deal the main damage to the dungeon chapter.

Bungie Forum

There is no more reliable information on game projects than the forum.

When the players themselves share their opinions about game mechanics, general trends of projects and point out the positive and negative aspects of the project.

This means that for any game question – for example, which character to play, you can find in a special topic on the forum.

After all, in order to choose the main class, you need to find out the general meta and take into account your main preferences.

The advantage of the forum is that all information is filtered by the players themselves and knowingly incorrect or outdated data will quickly be challenged by others and will be deleted or revised.

The disadvantage of the forum is that you will not always receive an answer here and now, especially if there is no current topic, or answers appear too late.

Feel free to create your own topic with questions, for example, about the contract system and its relevance.

At best, you will receive a detailed answer and go to receive the first tasks.

At worst, your topic will be closed and sent to relevant data, or simply ignored.

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