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Hilton Team Member Travel,

Hilton team member travel program can help you to find the best deals on your trips and hotels along with multitudinous additional benefits. If you are a real travel zealot, then this travel program can help you to get the best experience and that too at the best affordable rates. In this post, we will discuss how you can get the maximum benefits from the Hilton team member travel program without compromising your budget. Let’s start the quest for the best travel deals. 

Why Choose Hilton Team Member Travel Program? 

Hilton is a renowned name in the industry for offering the best travel deals and discounted rates on hotels and resorts. It has beggar many prestigious awards, such as: 

  • Platinum in Blog & Microsite at the 2018 Hermes Creative Awards.
  • Gold in Social Engagement at the 2018 AVA Digital Awards.

Supported by an experienced team of professionals, Hilton offers unique sites and ambiance of the cities. Besides, you can cover the key destinations around the world with the help of the Hilton team member travel program. 

Why Choose Hilton For Your Vacations? 

Hilton offers multi-faceted benefits to the travelers, as stated in the below-given list: 

Earn Points On Every Stay

You can earn points for each stay and get free nights. Besides, you can use this offer with your travel partner to make your visit affordable. 

Free Resort Stay Rewards

If you have won the stay resorts, you can spend your nights in luxurious resorts without spending a single penny. You can redeem 100% points to get your free stay. 

Digital Check-in

You can check-in digitally from anywhere without needing to present physically, thanks to Hilton Honor’s mobile application. 

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Choose Your Room

Hilton team member travel program allows travelers to choose the rooms up to 24 hours in advance. 

Digital Key

When the Hilton application is installed on your device, you can unlock the doors with it. 

Free WiFi

Above all, you can get free access to WiFi throughout the hotel. 

Exclusive Hilton Honors Experiences

If you want to experience the exclusive Hilton Honor experience, then you need to bid on exclusive packages in auctions. Besides, you can also redeem your points to get lucrative offers. 

Different Tier Plans For The Members

Hilton team member travel programs can offer you several tier benefits. You can choose a suitable plan based on your suitable needs and make the most out of the specialized offers. 

1: Silver Tier Benefits

In the first place, we have the silver tier benefits that offer 10 nights, 4 stays, or 25,000 base points. In addition to these lucrative member perks, you can earn a 20% points earnings bonus on each stay. Your every stay can help you to earn free nights with a 20% bonus on base points. On arrival, you can get two free bottles of water. Besides, you can get your fifth night free on booking your stay with 100% points. Elite Rollover Night is also an additional perk you can get with the Hilton team member travel program. 

2: Gold Tier Benefits

Gold tier benefits provide you with 40 nights, 20 stays, or 75,000 base points. Your every stay can help you to get free nights with an 80% bonus on base points. Besides, if a better room is available, you can get the upgrades without any additional cost. When you wake up, you can get the free continental breakfast for you and your partner registered to your room. Above all, when you complete a 40-night stay in a calendar year, you can be eligible to earn 10,000 bonus points every 10 nights. 

3: Diamond Tier Benefits

In the end, we have a diamond tier that can provide you with 60 nights, 30 stays, or 120,000 Base Points. In addition to the silver and gold tier perks, you can get more perks to make your experience memorable. Diamond tier enables you to get a 100% points earnings bonus on your stays. Besides, you can get an upgraded room on availability without paying extra money. Furthermore, you can get access to the exclusive amenities with this Hilton team member travel program. Some other advantages of the diamond tier are stated in the below-given list: 

  • The three years of diamond membership, along with the 250 lifetime stays or 500,000 Base Points, can help you to get an extra year of the diamond perks extension. 
  • After some restrictions, you can get an assured guarantee of getting your room booked even if the hotel is full. You need to visit the hotel at least 48 hours before that stay. 
  • Furthermore, you can upgrade your WiFi to the fastest in the hotel with the diamond Hilton team member travel program. 
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Hilton’s Mobile Application

Installing the Hilton’s mobile application, you can book your travels, earn rewards, and make the most out of your trips. You can install it on your devices for free. Besides, the application allows users to check-in digitally from anywhere. Above all, you can unlock the doors with the digital key provided through the mobile application. The app is easy to use and can help you to get the best Hilton team member travel plans. 

Main Features Of The Application

Once the Hilton Honor app is installed on your device, you can utilize the below-given features of the application: 

  • The app provides a single stop solution to view and manage your reservations.
  • Additionally, you can choose your own room using the hotel floor plan. 
  • You can use your device as your room key when the app is installed on it. 
  •  Above all, you can check-in and check out using the mobile application. 

Benefits You Can Harvest With Hilton Team Member Travel Program

The Hilton team member travel program allows you to get the below-listed benefits: 

  • You can book over 5,700 hotels at the lowest price. 
  • With every stay, you can earn points and redeem them to get free nights.
  • You can enjoy free WiFi and late checkouts and share these offers with a second guest booked for your room. 
  • The Elite Hilton team member travel plan enables you to get many benefits such as free breakfasts, upgrades, water bottles, and various others.

Final Words!!

This post elaborates on the Hilton team member travel program and its various important aspects. Besides, you can also get to know about the features and benefits of its mobile application. You can visit our blog section to find more exciting posts similar to this. 


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