What are the best franchises to own for easy success?

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Best franchises to own

Large businesses with influential brand names encourage new entrepreneurs. They invite franchisees to purchase and use the company’s logo and products. The third-party owners buy the license rights and operate their own business. Beyond training and a loyal customer base, some franchises choose the ideal location based on demand, budget, skill sets, etc. The following are some of the best franchises to own if you are willing to join the team.

McDonald’s: serve quality burgers and fries

Best franchises to own

McDonald’s redefined the fast-food culture with its golden colored “M” arches. The company is famous for its delicious dishes is also well-known for its superior ingredients and services. You can purchase a franchisee by shelling out an initial fee of US$45,000. But the investment goes up due to inventory costs, real estate, and royalty fees. You will have to get prepared to spend anywhere between 1 to 2.2 million US dollars. But you will gain popularity, brand recognition, and industry experience in return.

Taco Bell: one of the best franchises to own for quick profit

Taco Bell, the leading Mexican-style restaurant, offers drive-in and delivery options. It also provides dine-in facilities and order takeaways. With more than 50 yrs of experience, the brand is famous for its high-quality, rapid service. You can purchase a franchise at a fee of US$25,000 to US$45,000, but the investment costs will be around 0.5 million to 2.6 million US dollars. The franchisee receives a full-fledged operating system and other resources. You can achieve financial stability in a short time with the help of more than 350 well-known business partners.

The UPS Store: a resourceful small business

The UPS Store is famous for its high-quality packing, shipping, and printing services. The franchise fee for The UPS Store is around US$30,000. Additional investments will be in the range of 138k to 460k US dollars. This top-rated franchiser ensures popular and widespread brand recognition. Besides, you also receive training and support services. Become a subsidiary and own a small business store in a good location. You will be not only able to exercise entrepreneurial creativity but also earn handsome returns.

Dunkin’: the store for enjoyable coffee and baked foods

Best franchises to own

The company dropped the word Donuts, but it is still one of the best franchises to own. It is a quick-service restaurant that serves hot and cold coffee. The brand is also well-known for selling donuts in more than 30 countries. The franchise fee of 40k to 90k US dollars looks justified as you get a broad base of loyal customers. The investment costs are in the range of US$109k to US$1.6 million. But you receive high-quality training assistance. The owners also help you with site selection, operations, marketing, construction, and management tasks.

Great Clips: styling hairs of men, women, and children

This 30-year-old brand is a pioneer in hairstyling services and technology. They use contemporary training methodologies to assure high-quality. As a franchisee, you receive all the requisite assistance at a fee of US$20,000. The cost of running the business will be around 136k to 260k US dollars. This largest salon company also invests heavily in market research and analysis. So, you can deliver the best customer experience with very little waiting time.

7-Eleven: one of the best franchises to own and grow a business

The convenience store, 7-Eleven, is ideal for selling food, gas, beverages, snacks, salads, bakery products, etc. The brand sees unbelievable growth due to American cultural influences. The franchise fee is in the range of 10k to 1 million US dollars. The stores are pre-set and made ready for immediate usage. The investment expenses are about 37k to 1.1 million US dollars. Within a short period of 3 to 6 months, you can apply, undergo testing, and get started.

RE/MAX: helping people to buy, rent, and sell homes

The real estate industry promises excellent returns on investment. And you can derive great returns by dealing with the property under a reputed name. Commercial and residential estates are always in demand. You can buy, sell, or rent them by getting a RE/MAX franchisee. The fee is between 15k to 32k US dollars, while business costs are around 37k to 225k US dollars. The company’s global popularity and presence will be an added advantage. Reliable and robust marketing and advertising plans will become your forte.

Sport Clips: cutting-edge haircuts for men

Sport Clips delivers confident and enjoyable cuts. Its brand grew by leaps and bounds in recent years. Sport Clips is one of the best franchises to own due to low startup costs. The franchise fee is US$59,500, and the investment costs are in the range of 224k to 373k US dollars. The company offers a robust support system. More than 95.4% of its stores that opened in the last five years are still active. They deliver superior services by closely monitoring the store performance. All the stylists are well-trained, hygienic, and fully certified.

Hardee’s Restaurants: favorite food for everyone

Best franchises to own

With a fee of US$25-35k, you can purchase a Hardee’s franchise. The premier brand offers high-quality burgers, breakfast, lunch, and dinner options to the customers. The investment costs are around 1.6 to 2.1 million US dollars, and the company trains the franchisees in the classroom and on-the-job. You will also receive guidance on social media, SEO, advertising campaigns, website development, loyalty programs, and email marketing. Start the business and serve all the famous sandwiches, burgers, baked goods, and more.

Sonic Drive-In: the best franchises to own with great pride

The fast-food chain with a healthy menu delivers all-around excellence. You can become a franchisee by spending US$45k as a fee. The investment costs vary between US$1.2 to 3.5 million. The brand is trendy for its superior customer service, and its modern and diverse menu attracts customers for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. They also serve afternoon meals and supper for the guests. And all the employees get trained and certified using a comprehensive safety program.

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