What are Essential Oils?

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Essential Oils

The usage of essential oils has increased in the past few years. It comes under alternate medicine, which is also gaining limelight. The usage of essential oils are an age-old concept where scents, flavors and other beneficial properties are extracted from the potent plants. The unique aromatic elements give these oils the essence. They are obtained through a mechanical method by cold pressing. 

But, how do you use the essential oils and what is the safest way to do so? Let’s look at how these essential oils could turn your life from blues to bliss.

    1. Aromatherapy Accessories: Jewels like necklaces, beads and keychains that are made of absorbent materials could be used. The essential oils can then be applied to them and sniffed throughout the day. It’s convenient and very beneficial.
    2. Body Oil: A mixture of essential oils and carrier oils can be used to massage the whole body. Since essential oils are largely concentrated in nature, they need to be used with carrier oils.
    3. Diffuser: These are also called as aroma inhalers. A diffuser is like a container that is filled with essential oils and the covered for better effect Revive.

Let’s check out a few benefits of using essential oils:

  1. Stress and Anxiety

Using essential oils while doing a body massage can help release stress and anxiety from the body. Studies show that 43% of people who are stressed use some form of alternate medicine like essential oils to relieve them of the stress. A regular massage with essential oils helps to de-stress the body and mind. The fragrance is known to calm the body and mind, thus releasing your stress. 

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 2. Relieves Headaches

If you suffer from severe headaches and migraine, studies show that dabbing a little peppermint oil on the temples helps to relieve headaches. Also, lavender oils and sesame oils are known to reduce your migraine a lot. Headaches could also result in lack of sleep and energy. But, a quick dab of these oils will ease your pain and help you sleep better. 

 3. Beats Insomnia and Lack of Sleep

There has been a rise in stress and tension in everybody’s life, thanks to the busy lifestyle. You may be working for more than 10 hours a day and continuously looking at your screens could have an ill-effect on your sleep. But, you can fall asleep faster by inhaling a few lavender essential oils. If used regularly, it can improve your sleep quality.

 4. Promotes Healthy Skin

There are different types of oils to address your different problems. For example, if you have acne and pimples, it is important to treat the bacteria and remove excess oils without drying the skin. Lemongrass has anti-bacterial properties that treat acne and pimples. And, if you are suffering from a rash or other skin-itchiness, it’s best to use lavender oils. This essential oil helps to moisturize the skin and keeps it soft and nice.  

5. Treats Muscle Soreness

Your body is bound to become sore after a heavy workout. But, the pain shouldn’t ruin the rest of your day. It’s not a very healthy idea to pop those over the counter painkillers. But, there are many essential oils that can help you with the soreness. It not only helps you recover but also gives you the much-needed energy. 

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Here are a few commonly used essential oils:

  1. Lavender Oils: They are known to help with stress and anxiety. It is a stress-buster oil that helps to beat insomnia and give you good quality sleep.
  2. Tea Tree Oil: They were used by a particular sect in the olden day for healing wounds. Today, tea tree oil is used to treat acne and pimples. It is also used to treat athlete’s foot and insect bites. 
  3. Ginger Oil: This oil is used to treat sore muscles and relieve pain. It has a very warming effect and it is good to treat the tired muscles after an intense workout.
  4. Rosemary Oil: It has anti-inflammatory properties that help fight excess sebum. It can also be used to treat greasy hair and dandruff and also stimulate hair growth. 
  5. Lemon Oil: Its fragrance is known to lift moods and create a stress-free environment. Lemon oils are essentially used in home cleaning.

Here are some tips for you to get the best pure essential oil:

  1. Check out the Label: Every usage of essential oils should have the root plant’s Latin name along with its ingredients. It should have all the information about the plant and its country of origin.
  2. Go for glass bottles: Essential oils are highly concentrated in nature. If they are stored in plastic bottles, it dissolves the plastic and could be a big waste of money. 
  3. Research about the Brand: Only buy reputable and known brands in the market.
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