VR makes tattoos even more… tasty

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VR makes tattoos

We meet tattooed people every day. They belong to different ages, races, sex, and status. The main point is that these people consider tattoos as some kind of symbolic art that is somewhere traditional and somewhere – just decorative. Discover all the variety of pleasures of observing tattoos with tattooed VR .

Tattoo culture

The earliest evidence of tattoos was found in Japan, on the statuettes made of clay. Their faces were covered with paintings resembling the tattoos. Their age refers to 5000 BCE. 

VR makes tattoos

A lot has changed from that moment, and now we know tattoos are being used as: 

  • traditional marks;
  • status marks;
  • decorative artworks;
  • symbolic arts; and so on.

Most people in Europe and North America nowadays don’t truly believe that tattoos bring some sacred significance. They may choose the symbols they would want to represent with these tattoos. But still, this art has mostly decorative sense. That’s why people are obsessed with tattoos full-body, or those that cover most of the body.

Modern tattoo use

Usage of tattoos rarely has some definite nature. Some of them are just “mistakes of youth” others are used for self-expression. In the previous century, tattoos have had a function of a protest. The young generation of those days, and sometimes older people, used these body paintings to object to the traditions and conventionalities of that time. Nowadays, it has a similar purpose. But today, we have more freedom in the behavior accepted by society, so tattoos become even sassier. 

Today, more and more often, we meet people having tattoos on any part of a body. We mean literally any, from face to the toes and sometimes even on the most delicate parts of the body. It comes against any recommendations concerning health issues. It does not even correspond to the tattoo masters’ pieces of advice. The main purpose – is to impress. And when people are naked, it does look impressive. 

The unusual look boosts imagination and is a true gem for the adult industry. The variety of characters, images, shapes, and bodies… all of this makes your mind tremble to see more and more. But what if there was an option with VR? Well, there is.

VR and its advantages 

Let’s deal with the question of VR first. Virtual Reality is the technology that allows you for plunging into an artificially created environment. You can see the virtual world in 3D, and the main thing that makes you distinguish between the real and the virtual worlds is the picture quality. How does it work? There are several elements:

  • Visuals – the main problem is to fool the eyes. To make your brain perceive the picture as natural, the headset has a construction that transfers images for each eye separately, from two slightly different angles. The brain combines them and creates the whole out of two, just the same as our eyes work.
  • Sound – a particular setting allows for hearing the sound with the same depth as it happens with the real sounds. It completes the realistic visual impression and makes us believe that this is another world. 
  • Hardware that is constructed so that we can feel the imitation of haptic senses. At the same time, they have a function of controllers.

And now imagine using at least the part of this with sexlikereal.com. Hearing all the sighs like you are in the same room and seeing from any angle you wish, like it’s your action… 

Combination of art and technology

Becoming more and more widespread, VR technology is now available to use almost anywhere you want, from training to video games. So usage of VR in the adult industry is pretty logical as well. If you admire tattoos full-body, you have a chance to experience a rare case of being… close to the most unique people in the world.

People nowadays have plenty of possibilities to experience more and more top content. Considering full-body tattoos in the context of a very close interaction is another chance to feel some very specific but colorful aesthetics that you can find nowhere else. Go now to the sexlikereal.com page and have a full-bodied experience!

VR makes tattoosVR makes tattoos