Understanding CAD Services – From 2D Drafting to 3D Conversions

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Understanding CAD Services - From 2D Drafting to 3D Conversions

CAD design services are complicated since they include several steps that aid in completing a project. CAD services’ primary job is to make drawings & models of goods, structures, or other items using various software such as CATIA,  AutoCAD, Creo, and others. However, the software is not only for creating CAD drawings; it is one of the most flexible and powerful tools available for various activities.

In this post, we will look at the many kinds of CAD services & how they are utilized in various sectors.

What Exactly is CAD?

CAD, for Computer-Aided Design, is software created to make a broad range of design jobs more efficient. Traditionally, designs were done by hand, which may be lengthy and arduous, particularly if customers want revisions. CAD software allows drafters and design engineers to utilize a computer to bring their ideas to life in a much shorter timescale.

What Exactly are CAD Services?

The simplest approach to think of CAD services is to conceive of them as any activity connected to computer-aided design that is provided on an outsourced basis. These services include anything from simple CAD drawing to the more recent addition of Building Information Management (BIM) services and all in between!

Various CAD Design Services

CAD offers various CAD services to customers, each with a specific application. The following are a few of the most frequent and popular services we offer:

Design in 2D CAD

The bulk of CAD software interactions is for creating 2D CAD designs. AutoCAD and SolidWorks software makes it easier to create useful 2D CAD drawings. These designs may be fed into equipment to make things or cut materials.

CAD design is often integrated into a bigger business process’s workflow. 2D CAD design services are often critical in mechanical engineering and production.

Drafting in 2D CAD

One of the software’s most significant activities is 2D CAD drawing. Historically, drafting was done by hand. Designers may now make drafts in a quarter of the time, thanks to 2D CAD drafting.

Furthermore, precise information about the design may be saved and adjusted as needed. Furthermore, 2D CAD drafting is the initial phase in the design chain—a 2D draught may be transformed into various forms.

2D Drafting Services are utilized in many different sectors. It is often utilized in the early phases of product design. Furthermore, 2D draughts are used in food supply and HVAC areas. For example, 2D sketches are used in the food supply to illustrate manufacturing lines.

If you need a simple representation of an object, method, or product, CAD services may provide a 2D sketch. Although the 3D design is widely used, the 2D design provides simplicity and fundamental analysis throughout the early phases of design.

Transformation from 2D to 3D

Most designs begin with basic 2D sketches, the foundation for any design idea. As previously stated, a 2D design provides information on an item’s dimensions, size, and shape, but it does not provide a realistic representation of how the object would appear. As a result, the basic 2D design is turned into a 3D model utilizing various tools to comprehend the product better. The 2D artwork is first turned into a 3D wireframe, and then surface modeling is used to make it realistic.

2D to 3D conversion is a fundamental service in the CAD business, and it is widely utilized in fields such as engineering, architecture, product design, and so on. Many mechanical engineering services offer this and other associated CAD services, such as 3D modeling and 3D rendering, which can transform 2D drawings into gorgeous renders with full materials and light to give your project a genuine appearance.

Digitalization of CAD

Many industries still write designs, drawings, and other paperwork on paper. Many businesses still utilize paper-based file systems and have outdated procedures.


This is no longer a feasible mode of operating in today’s digital world. We live and work in a more conscientious society where recycling is essential. Furthermore, corporations are required to limit their carbon footprint and environmental impact.


Paper filings and documentation may be easily transferred to a digital system. Aside from reducing environmental effects, switching to a digital system improves corporate operations and productivity. Computers may store files for easy access. Furthermore, drawings, schematics, and sensitive information may be analyzed and edited using modern software instead of being hand-changed.

CAD digitizing services may assist with this. A CAD design firm may scan paper documents and transform them into digital versions. Any paper-based CAD document may essentially be updated for usage on computer systems. This is often used in the architecture and engineering fields.


This article went into great length about CAD services. Before working on any 3D model, it is essential to have a basic understanding of CAD modeling services. Every product manufacturer strives to turn 2D designs into 3D models. They depend on Mechanical 3D Modeling Services for activities that follow a streamlined procedure.

CAD is constantly evolving, with each new edition of a program bringing improvements and new capabilities. This is in addition to the vast array of alternatives accessible for various professional use cases.

Understanding CAD Services - From 2D Drafting to 3D Conversions