Types of Coffee Beans: History, Benefits, and Interesting Facts

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types of coffee beans

A cup of coffee in the morning indeed marks a wonderful beginning of the day. Even it is a remedy to treat any kind of dizziness and headaches as well. Therefore, roasted coffee beans are common essential to the kitchen of every household. So in this article, we will learn all relevant facts about what is coffee, history, production process, the benefit of taking coffee, and the types of coffee beans.

What do you mean by coffee?

To understand what coffee is you need to find the answer that this is a type of plant with short heights. The restricted height of the plant helps to preserve the energy and assist in harvesting. Overall, the height touches up to 9 m.

The leaves of the coffee are smooth, silky just like wax coated. And the growth of the leaves follows a zig-zag pattern. The coffee trees portray diversity that means you can see a flower, both ripe and green fruit just on a single tree only. Moreover, it follows a continuous growing process.

The trees require adequate rain, well shaded from the sun, not too harsh temperature, and fertile soil for its well-nourished growth.

Once the flower pops out of the tree it almost takes a year for the fruit to reach the matured stage. Overall, it takes about 5 years to become fully-grown beans.

The coffee beans can live up to the age of 100 years. On average, the tree can produce about 10 pounds of the coffee cherries while 2 pounds of the green beans.

How coffee traveled across the world

The predecessors of the Ethiopian Kaffa people were the first to invent the ultimate goodness and energizing power of the coffee beans.

Even African people also used to incorporate the simulant to get adequate stamina in the 15 century.

History also witnessed the use of coffee in the story of Sheikh Omar folktale. The story says that he was improvised in Mocha in a stone cave in a desert. Out of terrible appetite, he started to brew the cherries but found the taste was bitter. Then he got the idea of roasting it further, which actually made it harder. Once he sipped the liquid, he found the lost energy back in his body. In addition, it helped him to survive for days.

Even the 15th century also witnessed the extensive use of the coffee among the Sufi singers as well. In the 16th century, the merchants from Somali transferred the coffee from Ethiopia to Yemen covering Xeila and Berbera.

In the 19th century, Aden came under the dominance of the British. Thereafter the British used the Berbera route to transport the coffees to Aden.

Eventually, the production of coffee took the flight as the trade between Egypt, North Africa, and Venice began to flourish.

Over the course, the East India Company of the Dutch was the first one who imported coffee on a massive scale. Now in the colonial era, the importance of coffee was not much praised, but it actually took the attention during the revolutionary period.

In the second phase of the 19th century, the coffee production was in a boom in America and other parts of the world as well. In fact, the consumption of coffee almost doubled up in the period from 1860 to 1920.

To date, coffee is one of the crucial cash crops. In addition, its extensive production is seen in the developing countries. In addition to that, coffee has become one of the primary sources of income in countries like Ethiopia, Rwanda, Burundi, and Uganda.

Benefits of consuming coffee

It is among the most sought beverages in the entire world. Therefore, let’s see what are the positive sides of the coffee in the low down section.

Increases the energy level

The presence of the stimulant known as caffeine can provide you immense energy and helps you stay active by getting absorbed into the blood.

Is the fat burner

Honestly, coffee is the real fat burner it does so and increases the metabolic rate of your body.

Good effect on the body

Coffee tends to enhance the level of adrenaline in the body. Additionally helps to burn the fatty acids from the fat tissues. Therefore, physically you will feel more energized and the performance will get better.

Nutrient provider to the body

If you see closely then coffee consists of the essential nutrients like the riboflavin, manganese, potassium, niacin, pantothenic acid, etc. These altogether provide ample nutrients to the body.

Can cure Risk 2 type of diabetes

It is true that people who drink coffee regularly are less prone to having type 2- diabetes.

Protection from Alzheimer and dementia

People who like to sip the hot coffee can stay assured that they are among that 65 % who are not much likely to fall for neurodegenerative Alzheimer’s and dementia.

Safeguard from liver disease

Drinking coffee adds one more benefit to your health. That means now on you do not have to ponder about getting liver problems, as it will reduce the chance of getting cirrhosis.

Combat depression

Depression and anxiety both are killing mental disorders. Therefore, according to the researchers of Harvard, people consuming about 4 cups of coffee in a day can easily combat depression.

Minimizes the chance of cancer

Talking about cancer one of the deadliest disease in the whole world. It is due to the unmanageable growth of the cells in the body. It is good at treating two types of cancer called the colorectal and liver.

The goodness of antioxidants

Coffee is one of the healthiest forms of beverages. Therefore, people can get more amounts of antioxidants from coffee compared to regular vegetables and fruits.

So these were the basic benefits that you can expect from the coffee. Now moving forward you will learn some highlighted information related to the types of coffee beans.

Types of coffee beans

A complete categorization is done to give you a fresh insight into the types of coffee beans. Well first, let’s see the types of coffee based on the presence in different countries. Each of the coffee beans yields different kinds of flavours and tastes. Therefore, scroll down below to understand that at once.

Robusta of Vietnam

Vietnam war was a long-fought tussle that shook the entire world. The consequence of the war was unpleasant as it impacted the entire economy of the country. But one thing that remains unaffected from the combat was coffee. In this regard, the Robusta coffee beans are the most sought after in Vietnam.

The Vietnamese people love to produce Robusta coffee beans, as the maintenance is quite a trouble-free. Talking about its yield, which is also quite impressive. On top of that, it is inexpensive to produce as well. Coming to its features, it is strong and has a distinguished flavor. But generally, the bitterness is more because of the presence of Pyrazine. Indeed Vietnam is among the underlined exporters of coffee in the whole world.

Arabica of Brazil

In the list of the topmost coffee producers, Brazil occupies a creditable rank. Honestly talking about the rest of the types of coffee beans produced in other countries, the Brazilian Arabica tastes much great and is one of the premium types of coffee beans so far.

The taste of Arabica is sweeter and soft compared to the Robusta. It is like a sugary fruit. In addition to that, the acidity content is higher and the wine-like taste makes it perfect tea concoction with salty snacks.

Talking about the price definitely, it is a bit costlier. In addition to that, the Arabica can resist harsh temperature conditions. On top of that, this particular group of the coffee beans can resist the attack of pests as well.

Liberica of Philippines

As you research on the popular coffee beans, the two names Robusta and Arabica commonly appear everywhere.  But Liberica also made its own position on the map of coffee.

The Philippines was indeed the first country to propound this coffee bean. And it was during the time of 1890 when the production of Arabica suffered a downfall. The farmers had to resort to the Liberica plant as a rescue from the situation. Unambiguously the decision turned out fruitful as to a great extent as it steered the economy of the Philippines.

Coming to the look, the liberica beans are a bit bigger in size compared to the rest of the coffee beans on the list.

The uniqueness in terms of its flavor also lets you distinguish it easily from the other coffee beans.

The nut-like flavor and smokiness with the touch of floral and dark chocolate together give a completely out of the world taste to the beans. Now talking about the after taste feel of the beans that are also superb because of ripened berries and the chalky cocoa-like texture dark chocolate remains there in the mouth.

Besides these, the most talked variety of the Liberica is the Kapeng Barako. The pungent odor and the irresistible flavor of the Barako make it the perfect addition to long night work.

Excelsa of southeastern

As per the current classification of the Coffee, the Excelsa belongs to the category of the Liberica. Some believed that both tastes almost similar but honestly, there is a huge difference in the taste of both. Note that the excelsa plant reaches a height of 20 to 30 ft at once just like that of the liberica. In addition to that, it looks just like the shape of the almond.

Excelsa is popularly grown in the southwestern part of Asia and has about 7% of the production of coffee beans in the entire world. It is used as an additional blender along with the other types of coffee beans.

Now highlighting on the taste this is one of those types of coffee beans whose taste is a bit complicated and unique taste. But it is almost the same like pie and fruity. As told that brewers do blend this to add a final change to the coffee. Thus, they impart more material and power to the coffee. Now the caffeine content is much lower in this however the taste is engaging.

Certainly, the flavor in regards to roasting varies from light to dark. Undoubtedly, the coffee lovers will love to explore this type of coffee beans.

Facts about the coffee:

  • Are you inquisitive to know which country consumes coffee the most in this entire world? Then it is one and only Finland.
  • Many of you have a conception that drinking coffee dehydrates your body. But readers rectify your conception because caffeine content in the coffee is diuretic so you don’t require to lose much fluid from the body.
  • Do you want to know why types of coffee beans are actually called beans? Well, the answer is because the coffee beans look similar to the berries.
  • Many still did not know who invented coffee. Well for you all an Arabic goat – herder who after starving for days gave the goats these beans, initially invented it and automatically they regained energy.
  • Are you still thinking from where cappuccino got its name? Then no more brooding remember that the naming was based on the Capuchin Friars.
  • Brazil is the major producer of coffee. It excels to produce about 40% of the coffee in the whole world.
  • Once upon a time in the year 1932, the athletes of Brazil earned capital by selling the coffee. In addition, that was how they gained money to make for the Olympics.
  • Prior to learning the technique of brewing coffee the people of East Africa actually consumed it as the regular berries with the animal-based fats.
  • Coffee has the tendency to stay warm for long after adding the milk cream.
  • In order to get the best effect of the coffee, you should drink it somewhere between 9 30 to 11.30 am.

Final thought

The article is here to give a thorough insight into the types of coffee beans and much other specific information related to the coffee.


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