Top Locations for a Road Trip

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Locations for a Road Trip

Visiting a foreign country as a part of a road trip is somewhat different than doing it with a fixed itinerary and a clear plan on where to stay. It’s more liberating and it allows you to experience the locals in a way you couldn’t otherwise. Locations for a Road Trip-

It also allows you to check out more destinations at once and to stop wherever you feel is the best to do so. This kind of trip takes a bit more planning but it’s rewarding and memorable and therefore worth the effort.

Route 62, South Africa

It’s one of the most popular road trip tours out there, taking you from Cape Town to Port Elizabeth. Keep in mind that if you drive abroad with IDP you need to have your national permit and an ID document with you.

The drive takes about 10 hours without any stops but you need to plan to stop to check out all the beautiful scenery and the wineries along the way. Hot mineral springs are along the way so make sure to schedule your rest while you’re there.

NC500, Scotland- Locations for a Road Trip

It’s a huge trip that usually takes between three and seven days and you’ll need to go about 830 miles to finish it from start to finish with a lot of stops along the way. There are medieval castles, glens, and lochs along the way and you should take the time to check them all out.

Local seafood is especially amazing since that’s the industry the region is most famous for. While you’re there you should take advantage of that fact and visit some of the local seafood restaurants when making a stop. Keep in mind that the weather can be quite harsh and prepare for it.

Jebel Hafeet, UAE

It’s a road trip like no other on our list or anywhere else in the world. It’s about 11 km long and it takes about 30 minutes to go through it. That sounds like a short ride and it is. However, the point of this road trip isn’t to experience the countryside.

The road was built for the locals to test out their million-dollar cars and it’s made to be more of a runway than the actual road used to travel on. If you have such a car or you can rent it, you should try it.

The Atlantic Road, Norway

It’s another rather short trip but the point of it isn’t to get to know Norway but to experience the road itself.  The ride will take half an hour and the road is 8 km long. You get to drive along the coastline of Norway and be on the very edge of the ocean during the whole trip.

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