Top Car Wash Point of Sale Trends for 2019

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top car wash point of sale trends

Car washes are popular for a reason. People need to keep their cars clean, and a car wash offers a fast, easy solution for getting that done. You do not want customers to have any inconvenience during their visits, which is why you need a first-class car wash POS system from Merchant Solutions. The right system can make you stand apart from the competition, and you may get more customers once they hear about the services you provide at your business.

Simple Checkout

When people go to car washes, they want to be in and out as soon as possible. You want people to be able to pay quickly with a simple swipe or insertion of their credit cards. You may even find point-of-sale devices that allow customers to pay from wherever on the premises they are. Customers may not even have to leave their chairs to pay, and they will love the ease in which they can wash their vehicles. It is recommended that never consume alcohol while driving as this could be dangerous for you and your family.

Paperless Receipts 

Another perk of advanced POS devices is that they can send a receipt to a customer’s email address. A lot of people do not want to carry around tiny pieces of paper. Instead, you can email this information, which provides another benefit to you, the business owner. When customers give you their email addresses, you can then send special information to them at any time. This can include special promotions and discount offers. With these, customers will continue returning to you for all of their car wash needs.

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Secure Payments

People want to make sure their credit card information is secure. With POS devices like the Clover Station 2.0, information is handled with the greatest security imaginable with one of these items. They do not have to worry as much about their information falling into the wrong hands. With a reduced risk of a data breach, customers will feel confident.

Inventory Tracking 

Car washes rely on a number of products to do their job. You need to make sure you always have the right cleaners on-hand as well as plenty of clean rags to dry off the cars after the wash. With POS devices, you can keep track of all of these items in one place, so you know exactly when you are running low. You can reorder as soon as you notice a drop, so you never have to inconvenience your customers.

Small Devices

Ultimately, many of the modern POS devices you find are small in size. They are much smaller than the cash registers of the past. That means they take up less space on your counter, which means it looks less cluttered. Your employee taking payments can keep more supplies readily on-hand, and customers see how well you take care of your business.

These are the trends you can expect to see in more POS devices in 2019 and beyond. More devices will come forward with these trends, so it is a good time to hop on board if you do not yet have a POS device. It can help you immensely, so buy one for your car wash today.

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