Top 5 Best Driving Shoes For Men’s

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The first driving shoes were invented in 1963 by Gianni Mostile in Italy. These shoes were specially designed for driving, due to their high prices. Driving shoes are also called loafer shoes. A driving shoe is made of leather or moccasin-construction-on with a cozy to give a pleasant fit. They use small rubber pebbles to cover the sole from the tip to the heel. They are very adaptable, lightweight, and provide a grasp on the pedals. 

Driving shoes are safe as it gives a more upgraded pedal feel. The laceless design additionally permits the wearer to slip them on or off without any trouble. The driving shoes are designed for men to wear for driving; however, they are durable and popular footwear. Driving shoes are available in different colors and textures. You can wear it everywhere like the Workplace, Nightclubs, Parties with Jeans, Trousers or Chinos. 

If you want to buy stylish but comfortable driving shoes, Here is the list of good brands and the best driving shoes that can make you look and feel awesome, lavish with their insightful and creative designs. 

  1. Allen Edmonds Boulder Venetian Driving Moccasin
  2. Aurélien Driving Shoes
  3. Cole Haan Somerset Venetian Driver
  4. Magnanni Alarico Driving Shoe
  5. Tod’s Gommino Driving Shoes in Leather


Allen Edmonds Boulder Venetian Driving Moccasin

Allen-Edmonds Shoe Corporation is a USA brand founded in 1922. They Manufacture premium men’s footwear and accessories. They make high-quality products and give good service. It is handmade shoes that go from 212 creation steps. The top layer of the shoe is made up of leather. A sharply curved guard style is unlined to make it dirt-free and has a moccasin toe loafer with a durable sole. You can wear it with or without socks, and it goes well with any outfit. They are available in Black, Tan, and Brown colors.

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  • Sizable
  • Best Long-lasting Leather
  • Pleasant Rubber Sole
  • Available in Different sizes and widths


  • Very Heavy
  • Fabric rubs against your heel


Aurélien Driving Shoes

It is an Italian-made driving shoe. It is a rich artisanal of smooth caramel calfskin and a mocassin handmade-sewing. With metal-upheld eyelets that diminish wear on high-pressure regions, rubber pebble sole, and cowhide bands over it. It has a comfortable grip on pedals. They look elegant, stylish, and very comfortable. You can adjust the size with the help of leather lace for a secure fit. Available from 8 to 13 sizes. They are available in various colors and materials (Blue, Black, Brown, Grey). They are worth buying as they are made of the best material.


  • Affordable price
  • Adaptable
  • Very Pleasant
  • Available in different colors
  • Delicate calfskin leather


  • Maximum size available up to 13

Cole Haan Somerset Venetian Driver

Cole Haan is a made-in America footwear brand. They make with Cowhide sole with an elastic outsole for adaptability and handmade-sewing with the mocassin. They are quite reasonable and long-lasting. It is lightweight, specially designed for driving, made up of the best material. It looks very elegant and more expensive than its price. They are available in two colors (Black, Camel Dark). They are small, so you need to look for the proper size. Open from 6 to 15 sizes. 


  • Stylish calfskin leather.
  • Very Elegant
  • Simple to slip on and off
  • Comfortable insoles


  • A bit narrow, which causes discomfort

Magnanni Alarico Driving Shoe

It is a Spanish Driving Shoes with an interlaced leather strap made of Italian leather using moccasin for great adaptability. You can remove the inside sole. It has been a family-owned business since 1954. They use a high-quality material with a refined finish. They are Handmade shoes using the Bologna construction procedure. The Sneaker sole makes it more comfortable to wear. It has a padded curve for the backing; hence, you can use it for walking. Available from 7 to 12 sizes. It is a very trendy and versatile shoe paired with different outfits.

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  • Strong Italian leather.
  • Looks like a Sneaker sole.
  • Very Pleasant and Elegant


  • Maximum size available up to 12
  • Costly.

Tod’s Gommino Driving Shoes in Leather

They are Made in Italy and are very extravagant and Stylish. They are worth buying as they are long-lasting. At the start, they are somewhat firm; after using them for some days, you’ll love the adaptability and hold while you drive. The available size is 4 to 13. They are available in various colors and materials (Brown, Blue, White). They are made of leather with a Branded metal strap and D ring clasp. Also, there is a stamp of Tod’s monogram on the heel.


  • Minimum size available 4
  • Excellent Italian leather
  • Available in different colors and materials
  • Very Stylish and Elegant


  • Very Costly
  • A bit Rigid
  • It is slightly narrow at the toe
  • Maximum size available up to 13

Driving shoes are stylish, comfortable, and give a good grip while driving, protecting your foot from slipping. Many fantastic driving shoes will not only serve a reason, but they are very stylish and versatile. So choose the best driving shoes, plan a road trip, and enjoy your ride.


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