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No doubt devices like computers and smartphones have long ago entered our life and become a vital necessity. We use them for communicating with our friends and business partners, transmitting information, as well as storing sensitive data.

Unfortunately, with the development of technology, cyber threats are becoming more and more sophisticated, forcing us to consider the problem of our security, namely the threat of unauthorized access to our data, its theft, or loss. Modern challenges make us think about the security of our devices and our network, and the information we manage with their help.

In this article, we will talk about the main tools that you can use reverse phone number lookup for free to protect your data.

Due to the diversity of cyber threats, there are various types of protection tools available. These include dark web monitoring tools, firewall and penetration testing tools, network vulnerability scanners, encryption tools, antivirus software, and more.

As you can see, there is no universal method to protect the information, therefore, for greater security, it is worth using as many ways as possible.

Here are our top 10 software tools to protect your data and achieve resilience to potential threats.

  1.     Proton VPN

It’s a Virtual Private Network service for encrypting your online connection and ensuring privacy on the network. Proton VPN will come in handy when you want to surf the web without being noticed or browse region-blocked content without any barriers.

Among the advantages of Proton VPN are the highest level of encryption and perfect forward secrecy, which ensures that no one captures user activity data to decrypt it. The free version has some limitations. It only offers access to three countries and one VPN connection. In addition, the network performance will be slower compared to a paid account. The paid version gives you access to a large number of servers in 60+ countries and multiple VPN connections and guarantees faster speeds.

  1.     LastPass

LastPass is one of the trusted solutions to protect privacy on smartphones and desktop computers. It works as a password unification and encryption tool. It provides, among other functions, the option to create a master password to get access to different services or manage user access permissions.

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The LastPass free version has many great features designed to keep your passwords and credentials secure. However, paid plans have a lot more features. Some help you fill out forms automatically, export passwords when needed, and store an unlimited number of shared folders.

  1.     Prey

This software works as an anti-theft system. With Prey, you can track and manage your mobile device in case you lose it. It allows you to remotely block the phone so that no one can access it. 

You will scare the thief with personalized messages on the screen or alarms at full volume. Finally, and among other options, it allows you to completely erase the stored data to protect the privacy of your device.

  1.     PhoneHistory

PhoneHistory is a reverse phone lookup service that provides you with information about an unknown caller or suspicious texter by tracking their phone history, including information about the current owner as well as the previous ones. It helps you find out personal and business records from a database of over 500 million US phone numbers.

  1. Signal

This messaging app uses end-to-end encryption enabled by default, so your messengers won’t be read and your conversation won’t be heard by a third person as even Signal itself can’t do this.

End-to-end encryption technology keeps the privacy and security of the content you share until it is delivered to the recipient.

  1.     Avast

Avast is an antivirus program intended for protection against a wide range of internet threats. Options for Windows, MacOS, and Android detect and block viruses, malware, spyware, ransomware, and phishing attempts in real time. Intelligent scanning detects all system vulnerabilities and does away with them. The Wi-Fi testing evaluates the reliability of the router and the network.

  1.     AdBlock Plus

AdBlock Plus is a free straightforward extension that is available for all common desktop browsers and mobile devices. It is easy to use, and you can apply the extension only for particular websites.

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How AdBlock Plus works: the user chooses what they want to see when browsing sites and search results. In the settings, they specify lists of filters or create their own filters. These filters allow them to block a specific domain, address, or specific content.

What is more, Adblock Plus allows the user to manage privacy and security. It blocks additional tracking and tracking through social media icons.

  1.     DuckDuckGo

DuckDuckGo is a search engine that puts the priority on user privacy. With this search engine, your IP addresses won’t be tracked and your browsing behavior and personal data won’t be collected because DuckDuckGo does not use cookies.

  1.     Firefox Focus

Firefox Focus is a browser for Android and iOS mobile platforms with privacy protection features. Complete protection from cookies is ensured by the fact that each site stores these files in separate spaces to block attempts to track you on the internet and create your digital profiles.

The app saves passwords used by the device owner and provides strong protection for them. You can run pages in a private browsing mode enabled by default. In addition, a quick access feature allows quick switching between visited sites.

  1. HTTPS Everywhere

HTTPS Everywhere is an extension that ensures the security of the websites you visit. It automatically switches the website from the HTTP protocol to the more secure HTTPS protocol. Thus, the extension protects you from spying attempts and account hacking. It is available for Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, Opera, Microsoft Edge, Vivaldi, and Brave browsers.


In our opinion, these are some of the most recommended data protection tools, but you can find many more.

Unauthorized access to equipment or files will not only compromise data privacy but will become a vehicle for cyberattacks. We remind you that the protection of information and communications should be a priority for every person and organization today to avoid problems related to data privacy and security and protect confidential information from falling into wrong hands.

data protection