Top 10 Buildings Built in the Name of Love

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Almost all men present jewelry to their wives and brides. Nonetheless, there are also those who, in the name of love, built entire buildings. You will be able to understand their feelings if you are involved in Russian dating. Here are the ten most beautiful buildings in the world that were built in the name of love. You can check couple tattoo ideas for you and your loving one.

1. Castle of the Hungarian Jenő Bory

This is an admission of love for his beloved wife, Ilona. If you visit this castle, you will see her images everywhere. Bory was selling his paintings and sculptures to finish building for about 42 years. After the death of the sculptor, Ilona and her family continued to live in the building.

2. House of Count Nikolai Sheremetev

The building was created thanks to his beloved spouse, Praskovia Zhemchugova. The countess was a wonderful and kind-hearted person, who donated big amounts of money to charity. Praskovia died from consumption, and Nikolai decided to turn the building into the architectural monument.

3. Boldt Castle

This story happened in the XIX century, when the dishwasher, George Boldt met the manager of the club “Philadelphia” and became his closest assistant. Moreover, he married the boss’s daughter, and over time he became the owner of the prestigious Astoria Hotel. Having grown rich, Boldt bought a small island in the shape of a heart on the border with Canada and built a beautiful castle on it as a gift to his beloved wife.

4. Castello di Torrechiara

It was built 6 centuries ago by the Italian Count Pierre Maria Rossi for his charming woman Bianca Pellegrini. The lovers were not free, but Bianca left her spouse to be with Rossi. The Castello was decorated with frescoes telling about the couple’s relationship.

5. Petit Trianon

It is a small château located on the grounds of the Palace of Versailles in Versailles, France. The elegant villa in the style of the Greek Renaissance was built by order of Louis XV for his mistress, Madame de Pompadour, who, alas, died before the completion of construction.

6. Coral Castle

In the city of Homestead, Florida, there is a very interesting place, which resembles a sculpture park, but they call it “Coral Castle.” It was created at the beginning of the past century by the Latvian immigrant Edward Leedskalnin. He dedicated it to his ex-beloved one, who had abandoned him before their wedding many years ago.

7. Byblos Hotel

In 1960, the Lebanese billionaire Jean-Prosper Guy-Para was fallen in love with the capricious movie star Brigitte Bardot, and he built a hotel that was up there with a beauty. However, Bardot was married to French film director Roger Vadim, and she was not interested in the advances of the gallant Lebanese.

8. Ashton Memorial

The Ashton Memorial was erected in the Williamson City Park in 1909 by order of Lord Ashton. The memorial, which is sometimes called the “English Taj Mahal,” was intended to serve as a monument to Lord’s second wife, Jesse, who had died five years before.

9. Mirabell Palace

Four centuries ago, the Austrian Prince-Archbishop Wolf Dietrich von Reitenau fell in love with the merchant’s daughter Salome Alt. Contrary to the condemnation of society, the dissatisfaction of the church and the vow of celibacy, the cleric decided to connect his life with Salome. He built and named the Baroque Altenau Palace in her honor, but over time it was renamed.

10. Chiesa di Ognissanti

Sandro Botticelli’s masterpieces “Spring” and “The Birth of Venus” are classics of world painting, and the girl depicted on them is a standard of feminine beauty. However, not everyone knows that Simonetta Vespucci became the artist’s inspiration. She was the beloved one of Giuliano Medici and the object of adoration of all Florentine men who knew her.


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