Tips For The Tattoo Healing Process

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tattoo healing process

Tattoos are pretty cool and explain the inner you. We all want tattoos at some point in our lives. We choose unique designs and all, but when we see those tiny needles… that makes us walk out of the tattoo parlor. However, if you’re brave enough to sit down through the process, you still need to face the biggest challenge you will face in your tattoo journey—the tattoo healing process

Not only that, ordinary people love tattoos, but you may also have noticed celebrities and athletes having tattoos as well.

Most of the time, it is not about the pain because that can be numbed down through various methods such as taking a painkiller. However, the real problem is the tattoo healing process that starts afterward. The fear of infections is a major drawback for many. One fear and disappointment is when a perfectly good tattoo fades away due to the lack of care.

In this article, we will be discussing the best tattoo aftercare tips so your tattoo healing process can be easy, and then you can show it off. 

Do as your artist advises

The most important advice anyone can give you is your tattoo artist. Listen to him. He has more experience in this field than you. The advice might vary from studio to studio, or even between two different artists. However, the main consensus is the same. The artist will advise you on how long the tattoo needs to be wrapped, what you can expect, and methods to improve the tattoo healing process

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The first wash is highly important. 

You would have to remove the wrap once your tattoo is dried out, and after that, you would not need to re-wrap it. Hence, now, the time for washing the tattoo has come. When you remove the wrapping, there might be a thick syrup-like, sticky layer on the top of your tattoo. This layer is mostly composed of blood, plasma, ink, and lymph fluid. This is all pretty standard stuff when getting a new tattoo, but you still need to remove as much as possible without ruining the tattoo’s integrity. 

You may only wash the area gently with your clean fingers-do not use a towel as it can cause infections and harm the tattoo itself-using warm water until you feel the sticky layer gone. The cleaner the tattoo gets, the thinner your scabs will form. This would make it easier for tattoo aftercare products to penetrate the skin. 

Choose appropriate aftercare products.

The best tattoo aftercare products flood the markets. Here’s a list of some of the best products for use:


CBD cream for pain can be used to numb down the pain that you are going through. CBD’s instant effects can get to work in a matter of seconds. If you don’t wish to rub the cream on it, mix the CBD into your edibles, it will work the same. 

Bepanthen Ointment

It is the most used tattoo aftercare product out there, even though it is most widely used as a nappy rash protection cream. It stops germs from entering into the skin while confining the skin’s natural moisture. Thus, helping skin repair and heal quicker. 

Tattoo Goo

Tattoo Goo is the most highly regarded tattoo aftercare manufacturer out there. Their product, the Goo Renew, has a Sun Protection Factor of 30. Meaning it blocks harmful UV rays. It also renews and revives your ink. Therefore, not only protecting your tattoo right now, but the cream can also be used to protect it from sun damage in the future as well. Thus, helping your tattoo last for a long period. It is by far the best aftercare lotion available. 

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Hustle Butter 

A vegan option for anyone with a different world perspective. It promotes fast tattoo healing process and helps keep your tattoo in pristine condition throughout the healing process. It is made from all-natural ingredients such as papaya, rosemary, mango, and coconut.

Whatever product you choose, make sure to avoid alcohol and fragrance-based products, and keep in mind not to use a lot of it. Your skin needs to be able to breathe, and it’ll be difficult for it if it’s smothered in aftercare balm. Your pores will get blocked, which will lead to the formation of spots. 

The Do-not’s 

Here is a list of things one should not do once they have acquired a tattoo:

Do not rub or itch

It is vital for the health of your tattoo that you do not rub or scratch it. During the tattoo healing process, the scabs formed on top of the tattoo’s can get itchy. However, scratching the tattoo can damage the design. Thus, ruining your tattoo. If the itching gets unbearable, try patting it gently with your clean hands.

Do not consume alcohol.

Alcohol can thin your blood, which can stop the proper formation of scabs. Hence, exposing your tattoo to mother-nature and her collection of germs for a longer time. Also, being drunk can cause accidents that could potentially ruin your new tattoo. What you need is water. Drink plenty of it. Staying hydrated can improve the tattoo healing process

Do not soak 

Don’t let your tattoo be in the water for a long time. This includes no swimming, no saunas, no baths, and no steam rooms. 

Do not exercise

Vigorous exercise can take your energy away from the healing and soak the tattoo in your sweat.





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