TGI Friday Happy Hour [ Opening & Closing Time ]

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TGI Friday Happy Hour [ Opening & Closing Time ]

At TGI Fridays, every day is a happy hour as its amazing happy hour offer is second to none. The prices would get your imagination and the flexibility of the happy hour times and days is extraordinarily amazing. TGI Friday happy hour will reawaken the weekend vibes in you every day. Read with me as I take you through its details. 

With over 50 years of existence, TGI Friday is the world’s first casual bar and grill. It is a place to get high-quality, classic American food and drinks. And in all of its over 700 locations in 54 countries of the world, it is reckoned that this restaurant has unbeatable customer service. 

There are lots of amazing services that are often issued to their customers. This again makes it a place for maximum fun, celebration, relaxation, and celebration. The most lovely offer that is currently running is the TGI Friday happy hour. Therefore in the succeeding paragraphs of this article, I am going to show you all that you should know about this offer as well as how to access it. So, let’s get into it. 

What’s TGI Friday Happy Hour? 

I know that you are not new to the concept of the happy hour especially as it relates to restaurants and bars in the United States. However, with TGI Friday, the story is a better one. Happy hour at TGI Friday is a time when you can get maximum fun and satisfaction by paying just a meager amount of money for food and drinks. 

What this entails is that during the period termed “happy hour,” you can get food and drink items of the same quality and taste at an extremely reduced price. Hence you might pay half price for some items while others are also slashed. 

It is even more exciting because you can enjoy the cool environment of the restaurant while having your meal and listening to music in the background. Happy hour is the best time to cool off when looking for a place to relax. 

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You can do that alone or with a few friends and family. Since it is called a happy hour, your guess should be as good as mine that it is timed. So, let’s see the TGI Friday happy hour time and days in the next paragraph. 

What Time Does TGI Friday’s Happy Hour Start?

TGI Friday’s happy hour is available all day, every day. What this means is that it starts at the time that the restaurant opens sales for the day. Although this might care slightly with locations, most locations are open from 11:00 AM daily. Hence the happy hour starts at 11:00 AM from Monday to Sunday. 

What Time Does TGI Friday Happy Hour End?

We’ve earlier noted that happy hour in the restaurant is available all day, every day. And as such, it only ends when the restaurant closes operations for the day. With that said, suffice it to state here that happy hour ends at midnight every day. 

This is the time that most locations of the restaurant closed hence the happy hour stops or ends at that time. 

Note that the time could also vary at some locations whose closing hours are either earlier or later than midnight.  

TGI Friday Happy Hour

Technically, it could be said that the happy hour varies from one TGI Friday location to the other. Happy hour at TGI Friday as stated on its official website is available all day and every day. Hence, as long as the restaurant is open, its happy hour is ongoing. 

Therefore it could be said that the happy hour time is equal to the opening hours of the restaurant. The opening hours on the other hand vary from one location to the other. 

Nonetheless, most locations are open from 11:00 AM to midnight. Hence it can be said that TGI Friday’s happy hour starts at 11:00 AM to Midnight every day. This includes both weekends, weekdays, holidays, and all.

TGI Friday’s Hours Of Operation

The hours of operation at TGI Friday are not the same at all locations. Hence the importance of consulting your choice location for better information. 

Nonetheless, most locations are open from 11:00 AM to midnight. While a few others open an hour earlier or later. So also does it affect its closing hours which could either be before midnight or an hour later than midnight? 

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What Does TGI Friday Offer During Happy Hour?

The new happy hour menu at TGIF features a variety of drinks suitable for everyone and on all occasions. Hence irrespective of your mood or what you are celebrating, there is a drink on the menu for you. There are wines, drafts, cocktails, etc on the menu. 

During happy hour, it is not surprising that you would also need some foods or appetizers hence they are also available. Items on the happy hour food menu include cheese fries, traditional wings, boneless wings, burgers, and so on. See the details below. 

Fan-Favorite Cocktails $4

  • Bloody Mary
  • Cape Cod
  • Cuba Libre
  • Tequila Sunrise
  • Whiskey Sour
  • Coconut Libre
  • Aperol Spritz
  • Go Big June Bug

Wines $5

6-ounce glasses of select wines. 

Drafts $2

12-ounce Miller lite draft. 

Appetizers $5

  • Cheese Fries.
  • Traditional Wings
  • Boneless Wings
  • Combo table-tizers
  • Whiskey glazed ribs
  • Loaded Cheese Fry Burger
  • Skillet Queso Chips

How To Order From The TGI Friday Happy Hour Menu

For you to partake in the offers given during the happy hour, you must visit the nearest location of TGI Friday and be seated at the bar. Take-out orders are not allowed to be ordered from the happy hour menu. However, the usual food and drinks menu of the restaurant is served along with this hence if you want delivery or any form of take-out, you can order from that menu. 

If you do not know where TGI Friday is located around you. Simply visit the location page of its official website to find it. There, you will find other information about the location of your choice including its customer service phone number. 

TGIF Daily Specials

As part of the offering of this restaurant, there are daily offers that are up for grabs. Below are some of them. 

    • Monday: Mix It Monday Special which features $3 drinks and $5 select appetizers. 
  • Tuesday: Tuesday with Jack features $5 drinks and $5 appetizers. 
    • Wednesday: Martini Wednesday special has drinks for $3 and appetizers for $5.
    • Thursday: 3 Bucks Thursday Special features select drinks for $3 and appetizers for $5.
    • Friday: No daily specials
    • Saturday: No daily specials. 
  • Sunday: Social Sunday Special which features $5 drinks and $5 appetizers. 


Don’t forget that at TGI Friday, every day and every time is a happy hour. Find the nearest location today and be a part of this amazing TGI Friday happy hour offer. 

TGI Friday Happy Hour [ Opening & Closing Time ]