Tattoos by Valentin Hirsch

by in Tattoo

Simplicity is beautiful – can say someone who saw tattoos by Valentin Hirsch. Our gallery is full of his simple yet detailed, smart looking black and white illustrations.

If you are looking for an artist who can ink your skin with meaningful, symbolistic tattoo, Valentine Hirsch is definitely the one. He is a German tattoo artist who does not seek for recognition – right now he is so successful that walking into his parlour from the street without any appointment just will not do. That really does say something.

Sophistication is the first word that pops in the head while looking at tattoos by Valentine Hirsch. If interested in animal and flower works, you can find a variety of amazing, yet not so simple images that definitely do not look like anything you have seen before.

His works do not contain casualties. Rather, each image has some kind of specific detail that will lock your attention over the tattoo and you will remember it forever. The biggest attention is drawn to animal tattoos which show the free and forever young spirit of the owner. However, the exceptional detail adds the second layer of meaning and shows that the owner has the reason for the tattoo to be inked on his skin.

We filled our gallery with best artist’s works and, for example, horses tattoo by Valentin Hirsch is for sure one of our most favourite.

The only thing we can say is that tattoos by Valentin Hirsch makes us happy that his images are a permanent work of art.

panther tattoo by valentin hirschcrystals tattoo by valentin hirschskeleton with big  hair tattoo by valentin hirschleaves tattoo by valentine hirschwalrus skull tattoo by valentin hirschfemale jesus tattoo by valentin hirschpigeons symetric tattoo by valentin hirschwolf fish tattoo by valentin hirschdivided heart tattoo by valentin hirschwolf full of snakes tattoo by valentin hirschcastle tattoo by valentin hirschbear sleeve by valentin hirschoctopus lady tattoo by valentin hirschhorses tattoo by valentin hirschmonkey human skull tattoo by valentin hirschdying animal tattoo by valentin hirschdygestion system tattoo by valentin hirschbird tattoo by valentin hirschdeerman tattoo by valentin hirschwhale and submarine tattoo by valentin hirsch