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Take 30-day challenge

Because tattoos are considered to be a form of elective surgery, selling tattoos during the next 6 weeks (30 working days)  is not realistic.  But this does not mean that tattoo workers get to slack off. Now is the time to get those creative juices flowing.  Join our 30-day / 30 design challenge. Give your professional portfolio a boost.

This 30-day / 30 design challenge is sponsored by no deposit codes Fair Go.

These challenges are designed to get the creative juices flowing.  You are welcome to share your thoughts; share your designs, or just make the commitment to add a design to your own personal portfolio.

There is no right or wrong idea.  There is no right or wrong design.  Just think, write, and draw.

Design 1 Challenge: Coronoavirus challenge

What do you think about when you think about the coronavirus?

I think about the Tower of Babel.  

After the flood, man had again begun to multiply and fill the Earth.  They all spoke one language and understood one another well. They decided to build a tower which was to reach to heaven, to make them equal to God, and at the same time to make it possible for people to stay together.  

God decided to destroy their arrogance by destroying their ability to understand one another.  He, therefore, confused the people by splitting them up into seventy different nations and tribes, each with a language of its own.  The word babel means confusion.

Why do I associate this story with the coronavirus?

We have the internet.  With the internet and applications like Google Translate, people who used to speak different languages and in previous generations were unable to communicate with each are able to communicate with each other.  We live in a society where it is no big deal to get on an airplane and travel to another country. Wake up in the morning in New York, and go to sleep in China. No big deal.

In terms of behavior, the internet brings out the best in us, but it also brings out the worst in us.  Most of this is just online bickering, but sometimes things do seep into the “real world”.

We have massives databases of knowledge.  But how are we using this knowledge? For most scientists, they are using this knowledge to improve medical research.  

But some scientists are messing with things they have no understanding of.  To put it more simply, they are playing God. I don’t believe that this virus was released onto the world with malicious intent.  I personally think that either a scientist from the Chinese research lab got sick, and passed it on. Or else, somebody was selling lab animals as food, and somebody ate an infected animal and started this whole thing.

Man is messing with DNA, the blueprint of human life.  We are trying to put ourselves “equal to God”. But man is messing with things that man has no real understanding of.  The end result was this virus. In order to contain this virus, man has been forced to retreat to their own individual nations.  International travel has essentially been shut down.

This virus is not killing us, like the flood.  But it is causing us to be become dispersed into different nations speaking different languages.  This is exactly what happened in the story of the Tower of Babel, where man tried to build the tower to make themselves “equal to God”, and dispersed the people into different nations around the world.

What do you think?

So, what do you think? Do you agree?  Do you disagree? Or does thinking about the coronavirus give you different images?  Share your thoughts. Share your images. Or just add a drawing to your own personal professional portfolio.

Think.  Write. Draw.  Enjoy.


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