Table décor trends: what’s hot in 2023

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Table décor might not be something you think about initially when rearranging your home. However, the world of table décor is constantly evolving, and it’s something that should not be forgotten as it adds style to your home. We will discuss the table décor trends of 2023. Of course, you don’t have to change your entire table setup immediately, but it’s still nice to be aware of the latest trends in this field. So, what’s hot?

  1. The perfect tabletop 

Table tops are the first thing you look at before spicing up your table décor. Traditionally, people would think of table tops as only being available in a rectangle or round shape, but they have become much more diverse and are now a popular trend. People like to glam up their tables with different prints like marble, glass, or wood. With the right one, you can achieve the perfect aesthetic in your home. Additionally, they are made from durable materials that are easy to maintain – how convenient!

2. Mix and match 

The days of perfect coordination between your table settings are long gone. This year, embrace the mix-and-match trend by combining different patterns, colors, and textures with your table setup and décor. Believe it or not, this makes your table even more aesthetically appealing. For example, you can pair some striped dinner plates with a blue-colored salad plate. Add some mustard-colored candles, and there you have it – a table that truly shows its personality!

3. Sustainable table décor 

Sustainability is still a growing trend in 2023, even in the world of table décor. People are embracing eco-friendly elements more, such as reusable tableware from bamboo or wood. Go for the natural look! Also, for more sustainable table décor you can choose for recycled glassware and linen or cotton napkins. Add a plant, candles, or some fresh flowers to give your table that extra sustainable touch.

4. Stay minimalistic 

At last, the minimalistic trend still continues in 2023. People are enjoying a clean and sleek table setting much more. Whereas you keep the color scheme simple with monochromatic tones or a one-colored base like nude, one simple vase or some candles, puts your table décor in the spotlight. However, it’s up to you how you want to decorate your table tops. Mixing things up with different colors, or staying minimalistic, are both popular choices. These trends can guide you, and remember to consider sustainable choices more often!


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