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Smart Recovery Online

Smart Recovery online community is a caring and compassionate online community that helps addicts recover from their lousy addiction habits. It allows them to interact with each other and get rid of their addictions. The main features of this online community include daily online meetings, 24×7 live chat, and a message board. For addiction recovery support, you can visit the community’s online address and get the relevant help. You can register anytime, 24/7/365 days a year, and all the smart recovery online community features will be accessible to you. Learn more. 

About Smart Recovery

SMART Recovery is a non-profit organization dedicated to abstinence for people struggling with addiction. Its open, self-empowering mutual support meetings focus on ideas and strategies to help you transform your life from self-destructive and unsatisfying to positive and fulfilling.

The words “addict” and “alcoholic” are not included in SMART Recovery. It teaches scientifically based approaches to help you improve your life and cultivate a more optimistic outlook. It invites you to volunteer after you have become acquainted with SMART and are free of any addictive behavior to continue to increase the number of meetings.

Addictive habits can be helpful in coping with life’s challenges and emotional upheavals. However, there are disadvantages: while addictive habits may be successful coping mechanisms in the short term, they may cause long-term damage.

Smart Recovery concentrates on developing short- and long-term coping skills in SMART. Its theories are based on what has been shown to work in the field of addiction research. These concepts have been incorporated into SMART’s change tools. The firm offers interest in the past to benefit from it.

Furthermore, it concentrates on current events and the factors that lead to self-destructive behavior. Also, it focuses on what it can do about them to make a positive lifestyle change, especially in areas of your lives where unhealthy addictive behavior is present.

Critical Areas of Awareness and Change

SMART Recovery Online Community’s approach to behavioral change is carried out around a 4-Point Program method that includes: 

1: Creating and maintaining the motivation to change. 

2: Coping with urges to use. 

3: Managing thoughts, feelings, and behaviors in an effective way without addictive behaviors.

4: Living a balanced, positive, and healthy life.

Motives and Goals

Motivation is essential in almost everything you do. Consider that all humans have the same primary goals: survival, pain avoidance, and happiness. Any addictive habits you participate in should focus on achieving these primary objectives. It will assist you in recognizing that you might be achieving these objectives in the short term instead of jeopardizing your ability to achieve them in the long run.


It’s important to know what you believe about addiction, and there are plenty to choose from. You may assume, for example, that you have no control over your drinking or that you lose all power after the first drink and are unable to stop. These views may be harmful to your health. 

“I’ve tried and failed, so I can’t do it,” or “I’ve tried and failed, so I can’t do it.” To cope, I need alcohol.” Or, “I’m no good because I tried to leave and failed.”Those convictions, and many others like them, are unjustifiable because the proof simply does not back them up, as stated by a virtual alcohol rehab.


Addictive behavior is often used to deal with emotional issues such as frustration, shame, anxiety, and low self-esteem. SMART Recovery teaches you how to manage your emotions and improve your self-acceptance. Then you’ll be more motivated and capable of changing and living a happier life.


Changes in thought and feelings are insufficient on their own. The importance of commitment and follow-through plays a significant role in the program. It allows participants to engage in pleasurable activities as a substitute for their addictive habits.

How SMART Recovery Online Community Provides Help

Smart Recovery’s meeting format is straightforward and organized. Its facilitators have been qualified to help people improve their actions by using the SMART Recovery online program and values. Some of them have struggled with addiction, while others have not. That does not seem to be the case. Keep in mind that SMART Recovery is a mental health and educational initiative aimed at improving human behavior.

Meetings for SMART Recovery are intense, but they’re still a lot of fun. It doesn’t bring up the past, and it can’t change it. It has the ability to influence the present and future. Its meetings focus on how to use SMART’s change tools can assist you in being more productive. The “hat” is passed at the end of the meeting for donations, which are welcomed but not needed.

Features Of The Smart Recovery Online Support

Below is the list of the main features of the Smart Recovery online support:

Message Board

Smart Recovery online members have access to a wealth of information on the message board. When you first enter SMART Recovery Online, it encourages you to make an introduction post in the Welcome Area. Discussions, Tools, and Resources are the key sections of the message board. In the Classic Posts segment, you’ll find a list of some of its most well-known past posts. 

Many people find it interesting to join one (or more) of the available regular check-in groups. On the message board, there are also specific pages for particular drugs and addictive habits. The list may include eating disorders, smoking, self-harm, and a variety of other topics. Other specific situations may include dealing with the grief, family and friends matters, recovering from parenthood, and several others, 

Chat Room

The chat room is available 365 days a year, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. There is always someone in the chat room, and there are online participants from all over the world. When you first walk in, you may experience a soothing environment. However, if you have a problem or need details, simply inform the room. The focus of the conversation will turn to attempting to assist you with your issue (s).

Online Meetings

Every day, SROL holds a variety of online meetings. You may find the community site’s Online Meeting Schedule at the top of each page. If you are welcome to attend any of the online sessions available, please review the schedule carefully since there are various types of meetings available, some of which may be more appropriate for your needs than others. The 90-minute online meetings are led by certified volunteer Facilitators. Specific dates, times, and other meeting information can be found in the Meeting Schedule.

Online Library

The SMART Recovery Online Toolbox, which contains a selection of SMART Recovery tools, is a great place to start looking for SMART Recovery principles and tools.

  • You may get SMART Recovery podcasts and YouTube videos for viewing and listening.
  • Besides, you may also get the SMART Recovery blog updates. Additionally, there is a frequent update in articles and posts on topics you may find helpful.

Important Note: Many who come to SMART Recovery start out by printing out and completing the Cost-Benefit Analysis (CBA) Worksheet.

Final Words

This post elaborates on Smart Recovery Online Community, and the support offered to the addicts with their addictive behavior. To get the relevant support, you may visit the online address of the community. Make a visit to our blog section to find more informative posts. 


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