Top 10 Popular Rib Tattoos for Boys and Girls

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Rib Tattoos for Boys and Girls

Rib tattoos are fashion trends nowadays and every man and woman want to do it on their rib. There are several popular rib tattoos for both boys and girls but it completely depends upon you that which one you would like. 

Tattoos are the representation of some symbolic depiction. Yes, you can do a tattoo on any part of your body. But today the younger generation wants a tattoo on that part of the body where it can enhance their appearance more in front of others. 

The placement of a tattoo is very important and you have to understand it carefully before you think to do. In this article, you will get to know about different types of popular rib tattoos for boys and girls. 

Rib tattoos can be simple as well as sexiest and it depends upon you that which one you will like to choose.

Top 10 Popular Rib Tattoos for Boys and Girls

As already discussed above that there are several popular rib tattoo ideas for both girls and boys and all are great sensations among the younger generation.  

Therefore, now not making you wait for any further, here are the top 10 popular rib tattoos for both boys and girls,

  1. Stunning Female Rib Tattoo Design:

This tattoo has a striking and bold design and is meant for both men and women. The design of this tattoo can hold your attention for a while

This tattoo comes in different styles and you can choose your desired ones. Different tattoos have different meanings and you have to choose your desired tattoo that symbolizes your life meanings.

  1. Inspiring Rib Tattoos:

This tattoo will be on your ribs and you can hide or show, it depends upon you. In this rib tattoo design, you can write the words that means a lot for you. 

On the other hand, if you are in love with someone then you can write some words and declare your loyalty with those powerful words to your beloved partner. 

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This will be great. Isn’t it? The advantage of this tattoo is that you can only show it to your beloved ones.

  1. Birdlife:

Birdlife is a tremendously popular traditional style design that determines that the eagle is conveying messages from the spirits. It is regarded as a spiritual or religious rib tattoo and known as a geometric rib eagle tattoo.

Birdlife is a minimalistic design and brings the message of the renewed design. It is not like everyone loves peace but there are some people who love dark as well. And this rib tattoo is for them who love to deal with the spiritual world. 

  1. Neo Traditional Rib Tattoo Designs:

Neo Traditional Rib Tattoo Designs are like old school design elements such as structure, traditional imagery, bold lines, etc. In the tattoo the meaning is subjective.

It signifies that you carry a spirit guide that guides the sacrifice of our own. This elegant creature can be executed with several crisp details and bold beautiful colours. 

This tattoo has a great symbolic meaning of pride, freedom, and fierceness. The bold black outlines are powerful and hold your attention for a while.  

  1. Tribal Rib Body Art:

Tribal Rib Body Art is a powerful symbolic meaning for the wearer’s particular culture and personality and tells the stories of ancestors. 

From the jungles of South America to Polynesian islands, this rib tattoo determines representation of culture, power, pride, protection, and strength.

This is a traditional American style of tattooing with its vibrant colours and bold lines. The headpiece is a depiction of status, symbol, courage, and honour. Tribal Rib Body Art is a custom made that determines the story of aspirations and story. This tattoo is great for both men and women.

  1. Asian Influenced Rib Tattoo Designs:
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Asian Influenced Rib Tattoo Design takes a huge amount of time for its execution. It is a great investment in cost as well as skin modification. 

On the other hand, Asian tattoos are very meaningful in their own way of and styling too. It also determines that after taking great risks you will get your desired rewards for sure.

This rib tattoo is a striking symbol of the lotus flower, strength, and beauty. In Japanese ancient tradition, the floral tattoo concepts symbolize prosperity, good fortune, and wealth. 

The dark colour of the tattoo signifies that life is filled with both sorrow and happiness and it depends upon you how you are going to lead your life.

  1. Religious Themed Rib Tattoo Ideas:

Religious Themed Rib Tattoo is one of the most popular rib tattoos for both men and women. Some of the men make use of their tattoo to those people who are working against injustice and they are providing strength to them. 

It is like a culturally influenced creation to bring out realistic characters. However, there are some rib tattoos that determine justice, harmony, and fairness. This is the most wonderful design of the rib tattoo who believes in religious creatures and god.

The Final Thoughts

Now, you know what are the popular rib tattoo designs for both boys and girls and how you can use it on your rib to symbolize the meaning of your life.

Yes, it is true that there are several rib tattoos designs and each tattoo highlights some powerful meanings of their own. But the thing that you need to keep in mind is that you implement your tattoo in the right time and right place. 

You can read the features of each tattoo as described above in detail. On the other hand, you can make your own tattoos and describe your life in the tattoo.

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