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Rachel Green

Rachel Green outfits are known for their fashionable appeal among the “Friends” series followers. Rachel Green is a prominent character in the Friends series played by the gorgeous actress Jennifer Aniston. The series ended in 2004, but its fan following is still intact to date. Not just the fan following, but the fashion pulled out by the character Rachel Green is still relevant in 2021. Jennifer Aniston nailed her role as a fashion girl in the series, and people loved her in this role. Her fashion sense was also highly appreciated by the viewers. Here, we will discuss some of the best Rachel Green outfits you can carry with grace in 2021. 

Rachel Green: All About The Character

Rachel Green is not a real person, but a character played by the popular Hollywood actress Jennifer Aniston in the TV sitcom Friends. The show rolled out in 1994 and ended in 2004. The show was a big hit and has a huge fan following to date. Rachel Green was one of the six lead characters known for her impressive styling and fashion sense. In this decade-long sitcom, you can see the character in every single episode. She is a spoiled daddy’s girl who later becomes a successful entrepreneur. Rachel Green outfits and her chemistry with Ross were some of the main attractions of the character. 

Rachel Green

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List Of The Best Rachel Green Outfits

Below is the list of the best outfits that were elegantly carried out by Jennifer Aniston and you can still carry: 

1: Bright Faux Fur 

Faux fur is not real fur, but it is an imitation of the real fur coat. However, it looks as good as real fur. She wore one violet color faux fur above a black high-neck top and a white skirt. If you want to add layers to your winter outfit, faux furs can be a suitable choice for you. To attain the Rachel look, you can pair it with a black high neck top and a cut-off waist maxi skirt in white color. 

Bright Faux Fur 

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2: Short Skirt With Tights 

A short skirt with tights is a great look worn by Rachel Green, and you can try it too. You can see the celebrities and supermodels pulling this look in casual to special events. You can pair it with a blacktop. It can be a high-neck, normal top, or sling-backs as per your preference. Besides, stomper boots can be a suitable combination to back this look. The best thing about this look is that it can go well with all body types. 

Short Skirt With Tights 

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3: Slip Dress

Slip Dress is an ageless fashion statement of the Rachen Green, which is highly trending in 2021 also. A slip dress looks so much like a petticoat or underslip. It may look like an undergarment, but it is designed with the intention of being seen. Rachel Green wears it with the flip flop to give a cool casual look, ensuring the utmost comfort for the wearer. If you are willing to pull out this look, then you can easily find a wide variety of colors, fabric, patterns, and designs in the slip dresses. This design is very relevant today as well. 

Slip Dress

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4: Fitted Turtleneck

The next dress in the Rachel Green outfits list is the fitted turtleneck that gives you a unique look when paired with a skirt and sheer tights. A turtleneck is a high-neck knitted dress that often comes in a skin-fit look. Besides, this look is suitable for winters, but the turtleneck made of light fabric can enhance your look in summers as well. It is sometimes also referred to as the polo-neck. Its tubular neck shape is credited for its unique name. 

Fitted Turtleneck

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5: Ivory Lace Top 

Rachel Green once wore an Ivory lace top that was highly admired among her fans. The flounce sleeve top look is one of the most elegant attire you can get online with ease. The top was paired with black pants. Besides, there was a white stone on her neck to complement the look. However, you can try some more color variations, such as brown, maroon, or several others. Moreover, you can also match accessories to enhance the grace of the look. 

Ivory Lace Top 

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6: Topping Off Skirt With A Blazer

One of the most popular Rachel Green outfits was when she tones down a black mini skirt with a ravishing gray blazer. Blazer topping off the skirt means the blazer should be long, whereas the skirt should be short. This cool look can help you in avoiding the monotonous 9-5 office look and let you flaunt the fashionista within you. Besides, this all-rounder look can help you in hopping into the bar after completing your office shift. 

Topping Off Skirt With A Blazer

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7: Overalls with a T-Shirt

Jennifer Aniston, AKA Rachel Green, paired denim overall with a yellow T-shirt, which made the Friends viewers go gaga over her look. Overalls or Dungarees, which is a single piece of cloth worn over the normal cloth. The main aim of overalls is to protect the inner cloth. However, they are a strong fashion statement for the fashion geeks. It has a reputation for being worn by kids or teenagers, but when worn rightly, it can add a flirtatious look to your wardrobe. 

Overalls with a T-Shirt

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8: Monochromatic Suiting

Monochromatic suiting is one of the most elegant looks you can carry in 2021. Monochromatic suiting consists of all the dresses in the same color, be it red, white, black, or other. You can choose the color based on your color preferences. Rachel Green wore a monochromatic white suit, wherein she paired a long-white suit with a white turtleneck and white skirt. Besides, she also carried a white handbag to back the look. You can also replace the skirt with the pants too or try some other combinations to steal the show. 

Monochromatic Suiting

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Final Words!

Friends is one of the most followed shows, which has a huge viewer base. However, it has a different fan base for the Rachel Green outfits that are still in fashion to date. Some of her fashion pairs are described in this post. You can add these dresses to your wardrobe to enjoy a vibrant collection inspired by a real fashionista. If you enjoyed reading this post, find more in our blog section. 

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