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Your Jewelry Box

Shine everyday with this precious stone in your jewelry box. We come across various types of jewelry, some of stones, some of metals, some of clay or some of wires. Although we buy and stock every beautiful jewelry piece we see. Apart from accessories that we use daily, we like to add our wardrobe with some precious stones and ores. In all of the precious stones we mostly prefer on Diamonds but Tanzanite is the rare beauty. The multidimensional stone gives you a shone and symbolism to your life. Tanzanite Stones are found in Tanzania near the Merelani hills. The stones fall under the group of epidote minerals. It is quite expensive but worth every penny. However, the stone has no such use in industrial fields like diamonds. In this article we will know a few things about Tanzanite stones and Jewelry- Your Jewelry Box.

It is a gemstone which has various good effects. The gemstones are said to keep near your body for medicinal values. Unlike gold, Tanzanite stones too have many values. Tanzanite is extracted out as a rough cut out which is later given shape into beautiful accessories.

Health benefits of Tanzanite stones

  • The throat chakra, third eye chakra, and crown chakra are all stimulated by Tanzanite. It raises our vibrational rate and awakens our psychic talents, allowing us to communicate with higher spiritual planes.
  • Tanzanite is a stone of change that can aid in the dissolution of old sickness and karma patterns. It empowers us to move on with hope and inspiration, providing us with a feeling of purpose and allowing us to use our abilities for the greater good.
  • Tanzanite promotes healing on all levels and protects those who are assisting in the healing process.
  • Tanzanite helps to heal skin problems, clears the throat and lungs, and can be used to cure ear and eye problems.
  • It strengthens our immune system, aiding recovery from disease, as well as detoxifying and rejuvenating cells and tissues.
  • Tanzanite can also aid with spinal disorders and reproductive system diseases.
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History of Tanzanite

The trichoic stone, Tanzanite, reflects various colors starting from blues or lilacs or indigoes and violets. The name Tanzanite was given after Tanzania and Tiffany & Co. which is a very popular jewelry firm  and the company declared the stone as the most beautiful stone which was discovered 2000 years ago. It is very rare because of its availability in a limited amount mined at a very small place at the foot of Mount Kilimanjaro in Tanzania.

One of the Tanzanian geologists says that in the situation that the Tanzanite was formed was so exceptional that the presence of Tanzanite anywhere in any part of the earth is difficult making it rarest. It is also said that it is expected that the Tanzanite stones will vanish within the next 25 years. That is why it is known as the gemstone of a generation as this will be the last generation to know about this, as after this it will get exhausted.

In 1971, the government got involved while nationalizing all the Tanzanite mines. Three decades after the non existent mining activity, the government intervened. Though due to improper knowledge and inadequate human resources it failed to look after the mines properly. After all these it returned back to the hands of private. But again in 2003, the government intervened by imposing a ban on rough stones larger than one carat.  Although after posting so many provisions the smuggling continued.

Few Tanzanite Jewelry

Jewel is the most desired thing every man and woman has. We buy every possible jewelry that can match every outfit of ours. Let’s see a few Tanzanite jewelry that you may buy.

  1. Tanzanite Bracelet

 Your Jewelry Box

The simple idea is carried over into the cuff bracelet. The bracelet’s vivid hues are highlighted by nine real jewels grouped in a prong setting. The cuff bracelet is made of strong metal to last a long time. The artisans have imbued the cuff bracelet with vibrant accents that showcase the high level of craftsmanship. This cuff bracelet is all about color play. The accessible rarities are begging for your attention.

  1. Tanzanite Ring- Your Jewelry Box

 Your Jewelry Box

The Rhapsody Collection of Tanzanite rings exudes opulence and sophistication. The marquise-shaped premium tanzanite is encircled by a halo of diamonds, attracting all eyes. The excellent graded gemstone is known for its bright tones, but it also has a beautiful and timeless sheen that goes with almost any Your Jewelry Box outfit.- 

  1. Tanzanite Earrings

The sunburst halo shape of these tanzanite dangle earrings is a fantastic match for royal dress. The main gemstone is encircled by genuine white zircons, giving the item a brilliant appearance. These dangling earrings will complement any outfit.

  1. Tanzanite Pendant

This Tanzanite pendant necklace is a fantastic combination of subtle and elegant, with a leaf theme. So, whether you’re looking for a splash of color or a large dose of artistic sparkle, the necklace has it all.

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Tanzanite as we read in the above article is a rare beauty. Tanzanite are the precious gemstones having different ha


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