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Post office travel insurance

Post Office travel insurance was voted the “Best Travel Insurance Provider” by the British Travel Awards continuously from 2006 to 2014. This post will help you in understanding the various essential aspects of the Post Office travel insurance. The Post Office is eminently known as the UK’s largest retail network and largest financial services chain. Furthermore, it has been serving Britons for the last 370 years. 

The Post Office is mainly known for its postal services and helping various government procedures. However, only a few know that the Post Office offers 170 products and services, including travel insurance. Besides, there are a number of other categories as well, such as home, travel, pet, and many more. In this post, we will uncover some of the lesser-known facts about the Post Office Travel Insurance. Let’s start!

Why Is Travel Insurance Important?

If you are planning your holidays abroad, then travel insurance is a worthwhile purchase for you. Regardless of the security of the location, a myriad of unfortunate things can take place when traveling abroad. Your can face delay in flight, or the airlines can lose your luggage. Besides, theft of the goods is also one of the hovering risks when traveling as thieves operate in tourist areas. There are several reasons you should have travel insurance. Sometimes, you try new food from different parts of the world that does not support your system. 

No one hopes for these types of unfortunate things when traveling, but they can ruin your excitement and make you pull your hair. However, when you are covered by travel insurance, it can help you to avoid some of the risks. When you are out of pocket or run into a medical problem, Post Office travel insurance can help you. It can ensure your traveling, your belongings, and those who are traveling with you. 

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Why Choose the Post Office Travel Insurance Plan?

Post Office travel insurance is one of the most purchased plans as frequent as 36 seconds. Below is the list of the awards that prove why travel insurance from the Post Office is a must-have plan when traveling abroad: 

  • Won the best travel insurance provider gold award each year, starting from 2006 to 2015.
  • It also won a Silver award in 2016 to 2018 at the British Travel Awards.
  • Best Online Travel Insurance Provider at the Your Money Awards in 2019.

Defaqto helps businesses and customers to make well-informed financial decisions. It has given five-star ratings to the Post Office travel insurance services. 

The insurance plans of the Post office covers a wide range of holidays so that you can choose the best on the basis of your specific requirements. 

Overview of Post Office Insurance Travel Cover

There are three main travel insurance policies from the Post Office, namely, Single trip, annual multi-trip, and backpacker travel cover. In all the categories, there are five levels to choose from. These levels are: 

Super Economy Cover 

This category of the Post Office travel insurance includes £1,000 cancellation cover, £1,000 baggage cover, £150 excess, and £2,000,000 for emergency medical and other expenses.

Economy Cover 

The next category is economy cover that includes £1,500 cancellation cover, £1,500 baggage cover, £125 excess, and £2,000,000 for emergency medical and other expenses.

Standard Cover

The third category in the list is a standard cover that includes – £2,000 cancellation cover, £1,500 baggage cover, £100 excess, and £5,000,000 for emergency medical and other expenses.

Premier Cover 

Proceeding further, we have the premier cover, which includes – £5,000 cancellation cover, £2,000 baggage cover, £50 excess, and £10,000,000 for emergency medical and other expenses.

Premier Plus Cover

In the end, we have the premier plus cover that comprises £10,000 cancellation cover, £3,000 baggage cover, no excess, and £10,000,000 for emergency medical and other expenses.

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What Are The Salient Features Of The Post Office Travel Cover?

The main features of the post office insurance policies are stated in the below-given list:

  • All the categories described above include personal liability cover ranging from £1,000,000 to £3,000,000. 
  • All but the Super Economy categories include a gamut of extra features, such as personal accident, hospital benefits, death, loss of personal money, and passport cover.
  • The backpacker insurance from the Post Office is available for the travelers who lie in the age group of 18-60 years. 
  • The additional cover for a cruise, business, winter sports, and golf can also be included in any of the above insurance categories. To get extra cover, you will need to pay the extra cost. 

FAQs Related To The Post Office Insurance Policies For The Travelers

Some of the most asked questions related to the Post Office travel insurance are stated in the below-given list: 

Is There Any Insurance Program For People over 65?

If you want to purchase travel insurance policies for people over the age of 65, then the Post Office can help you. It covers the people of age up to 85 years. However, the duration of the insurance cover gets shortened with the increase of the age. For instance, if you want a travel insurance policy for people over 70, it will cover them for 90 days. If the policy is for people over 76, it will cover only 31 days. Other deviations from the age group 18-60 years are discussed in the below-given list: 

  • Not all regular medical conditions are covered. 
  • The Post Office may ask you to fill out a questionnaire during the quote process. Based on the results, you can either contact the Post Office or, in some cases, your request can be refused altogether. 

How Much Do I Need To Pay For The Post Office Travel Cover?

The post office offers a wide category of insurance policies based on your specific needs. It may vary from the age factor, length of the travel, destination, and medical conditions of the travelers. When you have so many options to choose from, you can choose one based on your budget that suits your needs. Kids under 18 can travel for free as they are covered under the family policy. 

Final Words

The post elaborates on the Post Office travel insurance and its multitudinous benefits for the people with their different budgets. If you liked this post, then jump to our blog section to find more informative blog posts. 

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