10 Easy Steps to Paint Home Walls Like A Pro

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Paint Home Walls Like A Pro

Painting is one of the top favorite projects for DIY fans. It is equally interesting for veteran renovators. It is indeed a fun project where you choose paint colors. Here are ten easy steps to paint home walls like a pro.

Watching the ethereal transformation from old and worn out walls to freshly coated walls are amazing. But it would be unfair to ignore the challenges faced by a person attempting DIY painting for the first time.

 It demands a certain level of skills to cover your hose walls with a new paint coat. The challenges increase when you are aiming for flawless paint results as a pro. The good thing about painting is that a few tips and tricks can help you a great deal to achieve near-professional results.

 Practice makes a man perfect but these helpful tricks can help you avoid the evident mistakes done by amateur painters. 

Here are 10 easy steps to paint home.  

1. Make A Plan

No success is achieved without proper planning. This holds for DIY painting. Get yourself a piece of paper and write down the steps you are going to follow. You can also make soft copies of your plan. The top of the list should be the budget. Decide about the money you can spend on the painting project. Check the market rates to make a practical budget. Always keep a wiggle room in the budget.

2. Choose the Right Color

When you are choosing paint colors, think about the time you are going to live with it. If your house walls are painted in light colors and you are thinking about bold colors, transformation is relatively easy. 

Switching from dark colors to light colors is extremely difficult for DIY painters. If you want to make such changes, it is highly suggested to hire home painting services in MA.

Right Color

3. Pay Attention to Paint Sheen

Pay close attention to the paint sheen. If you are unfamiliar with the term, it is easy to remember. In easy words, it is about the reflective properties. You can choose between glossy or matte paints. There are varieties available between two extremes.

 If you are painting for the first time it is highly recommended to choose matte versions. Glossy paints highlight imperfections in the walls and the painting mistakes.

4. Gather the Required Equipment

Once you are done with planning and buying the right products it is time to gather supplies. If you are doing it for the first time, you will have to but these supplies. 

You should buy sanding papers, rollers, paintbrushes, painters’ tape, ladders, knife, and putty material. You are going to need mixing buckets, trays, handles, drop clothes, extension poles, and rags.

5. Prepare the Walls

The most important step of wall painting is prepping. It takes most of the preparation time. Your primary objective is to get a nice and even wall for flawless painting. The first step is to remove all the nails and fill in the holes with putty. 

Clean the walls. The rougher the wall is, the more sanding it requires. Begin with the coarser sanding paper and end up with the finest sanding paper. There should be no paint peels of uneven patches. Prime your walls.

6. Mix Your Paint Well

Buying the right painting products is essential but there is another important step, mixing. Read the manufacturer’s instructions to find out the right proportions. Note down them and use painting buckets to ensure proper mixing. The product should have a consistent texture before you paint it on the wall.

7. Use the Painters Tape

Painters tape is your best friend. It can take care of all the crisp edges. Apply the painter’s tape on all the edges and corners to achieve the perfect results. Don’t hesitate in using as much tape as you require. When in doubt, hire professional interior painters.

8. Cover the Floors and Furniture

It is essential to cover floors and furniture before every home interior painting project. Cover them with drop cloths. You can cover the floors with old newspapers. Preparing your room cuts down the cleaning efforts.

9. Pick Your Painting Technique

Begin with your ceilings. Tackle one walls at a time. Start from the top and steadily come down. If you are painting dark colors, make sure to apply two or three coats of paints. Keep a firm hand. Avoid overfilling the paintbrush. 

Don’t panic about making mistakes. You can correct them using some acetone. When you are using paint rollers, use long strokes in a W pattern. Ensure there is adequate lighting in the room.

10. Let It Dry Well!

If you want the best interior paint results, let the walls dry well. Slow and even drying prevents the paint from bubbling. Use these Steps to Paint Home to get pro results! 

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