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escort Roma

Basically I’m a pay-as–you-go girlfriend, without the hassle (no nightmare dinner with the parents or cringey RomComs) and with all the best bits left in.

Perhaps I’m not someone that you’d bring home to meet your family, but I AM someone that you would take out to a fancy restaurant and show off, feeling superior to have me on your arm.  And I’m ok with that.

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Stick with me for a second…

What would you think if your best friend, your sister or your mother came to you and confessed that she was an escort?

Would you think that she had something psychologically wrong? Would you be embarrassed? Or want to protect her?

I earn a living, I don’t need help to support myself and to me, that’s all that matters.

None of my family know that I’m an escort, but I’m not ashamed. Society doesn’t always accept escorts, or escort Roma, and it’s just easier to keep them in the dark and to save them the worry.

Escorting is the dirty secret that everyone know about, but most choose to ignore.

Welcome to my life

After I lost my job in the closure of a well-known high street store (I probably shouldn’t mention the name…) I was faced with a difficult decision. I was sick of dead end jobs where I slaved away for no money, but I had no options. University is too expensive, and there was nothing I particularly wanted to study. My only experience is in retail but I didn’t want to go back there.

I didn’t feel like I had any particular talents – how wrong I was!

For many girls in our business, escorting gives them the flexibility they need to go about their life. I’ve met girls that are studying post-graduate degrees, have kids or are full-time carers. Escorting gives them the best of both worlds – at home when they need to be, whilst earning a good living.

This job is certainly not for everyone, but those that master it can feel untouchable.

Personally, I feel empowered every time I get paid. On minimum wage I could not afford even the tiniest house in the worst area of Roma.

I slaved away, making a fortune for someone else, all the time worrying about my bills and running up credit card debt as a way to treat myself and distract from how crappy my life was.  This was before I became an Asian escort in Roma

Now I work my own hours, I have my regular clients and I see who I want. I get taken to luxury apartments and fancy restaurants, earning more money than ever.

Best of all, if I fancy a night off from work, I just don’t answer my phone.

All it takes is to say the right thing at the right time (most men are easy to deal with). Whatever happens, I always make sure to keep them coming back for more.

However, no matter how many times I’ve seen a client, if I saw them in the street I’d just keep on walking. No eye contact – discretion is everything in this business.

I’m their guilty secret. And it gives me all of the power.

Leave your stereotypes at the door

As an escort I am typecast as having “daddy issues”, but I had a good childhood – much better than some. My job isn’t about trying to get back at my parents for some unknown reason. It’s about living MY life the way I want to. And providing an escort service is just a small part of that.

And before you say it…I don’t have a drug problem either. Now I’m not going to sit here and deny that some escorts do take illegal substances, but you could say that about any workplace. Go into any big Roma bank and I guarantee you will find some high-functioning cokeheads in there.

In the two years I’ve spent learning about the industry, I’ve met women of all ages and backgrounds who feel that escorting is the best way for them to earn a living. It allows to pay their Uni tuition fees, it allows girls like me to earn a living that doesn’t involve a McJob.

A lack of options

I never really tried at school, but I wouldn’t say I hated it. I always wanted to be rich though because money = freedom, but when I left high school I struggled to get into a career that could support me and allow me to do what I wanted.

I did a hairdressing apprenticeship for a while, but the pay was so low, much lower than minimum wage because it was an apprenticeship. I found it very hard to live on. After slaving away for 9 hours a day, spending money on transport and eating lunch, I had no money to spend on anything else, including rent.

After that I got caught up in retail – which reminds me of escorting in many ways, in the fact that you are someone’s bitch.

Look at it this way – I could be the pain in the arse that work in telesales, ringing you and badgering you about PPI. Because that was one option open to me, a less than ethical call centre.

This way, I am bothering no one, in fact in those few hours I exist to make my clients happy. If they’ve had a good night (and I can usually tell by the generous tip they offer), then I’ve done my job.

I am a person not an object

I can understand why women feel threatened by an escort but it is their man that they should be blaming, and not the other woman.

He’s the one in the relationship who came looking for ME. I’m not the one with the responsibility here.

The main difference between escorts and prostitutes is that escorts are often paid entirely for their time, which may or may not include a sexual act.

Most escorts would simply refuse to work the streets, because it does not fit in with their desired lifestyle. My advice to them would be that it can be just as dangerous to invite clients to your own home!

What I’ve found is that a lot of clients, especially the lonely middle-aged businessmen, want to spend a lot of time talking. They vent about their bosses, that meeting, bonuses – I’ve heard all of the corporate speak and have perfected a face that says I am listening intently.

It was as if they wanted more than an escort, they wanted a non-judgemental friend.

How did you get started escorting? Was it something that you planned or did you just fall into it? Let the EscortA After Dark blog know in the comments below!


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