Making a Mark: Tattoo Artist Lu Xin Dazzles at the 25th Philadelphia Tattoo Arts Festival

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Making a Mark

Chinese tattoo artist Lu Xin, who has been tattooing since 2014, recently left a lasting impression on attendees at the 25th Philadelphia Tattoo Arts Festival. Having established the DZG tattoo studio in China, Lu Xin is an expert in various types of artistic creativity, including graffiti, installation, photography, and three-dimensional light and shadow effects, among others. Her heavy color illustration style and original design concepts have garnered her international recognition.

Lu Xin’s presence at the Philadelphia Tattoo Arts Festival followed a significant milestone in her career, a successful mini solo exhibition at a prestigious Japanese gallery. The exhibition showcased her unique fusion of Chinese cultural elements with modern tattoo artistry, attracting attention and praise from art enthusiasts and fellow tattoo artists alike. This achievement not only expanded her fan base but also positioned her as a leading figure in the contemporary tattoo art scene.

Held at the Philadelphia Convention Center from January 20-22, 2023, the festival, organized by Villain Arts, welcomed industry professionals, tattoo enthusiasts, and the general public alike to explore and appreciate the diverse world of tattoo art. Lu Xin’s work, which typically uses exaggerated flying colors and has a compositional sense that is visually captivating, caught the attention of many attendees. She is known for integrating elements of Chinese culture into her tattoo designs, such as dragons, tigers, mythical figures, historical figures, Chinese symbols, and Chinese letters.

Lu Xin’s talent and unique style drew a significant number of clients eager to book appointments with her during the festival. One of the most memorable interactions for Lu Xin was with a client named Brian, who expressed a desire for a tattoo featuring Chinese characters representing “love” and “family,” along with elements of traditional Chinese art. Intrigued by the concept, Lu Xin dedicated an entire day to crafting the perfect design, which was to span both of Brian’s arms. Both Brian and his wife were extremely satisfied with the result.

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During the three-day festival, Lu Xin also had the opportunity to rub shoulders with TV celebrities from popular tattoo-themed shows such as Ink Master, Tattoos After Dark, and Best Ink. These stars were also present to tattoo the public and participate in daily tattoo competitions where attendees could showcase their own ink.

Lu Xin and her work have appeared in numerous media and publications, including iNKPPL Tattoo Magazine, Sohu, Sina, VoyageLA, and many others. Before attending the Philadelphia Tattoo Arts Festival, she was invited to the Chicago Tattoo Arts Festival in March 2022, further solidifying her reputation as an outstanding tattoo artist.

The 25th Philadelphia Tattoo Arts Festival was not only an opportunity for Lu Xin to showcase her incredible skills but also a platform for her to connect with other artists and tattoo enthusiasts from around the world. As the festival came to a close, it was evident that Lu Xin had made a mark on everyone in attendance, and her captivating integration of Chinese culture into her tattoo designs is quickly establishing her as a trailblazer in the world of tattoo artistry.


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