MacBook Air M1 Review — Fanless, Extremely Fast and Ultra-Portable

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MacBook Air M1 Review — Fanless, Extremely Fast and Ultra-Portable

Apple is all set to release a next-generation Mac laptop. It has high-end specifications, including an M1 processor, and runs faster than Intel-powered PCs. MacBook Air can handle the intensive workloads and delivers power pack performance. 

This Apple product can reload websites and apps without any noise from the fan. Moreover, this is the first-ever MacBook where Apple didn’t integrate a cooling fan. It relies on a heat spreader to control the internal temperature. There is also a copper pipe which transfers the heat to a heatsink. And, it prevents the macOS device from overheating. 

Besides, MacBook Air M1 is ideal for creative professionals. The school or college students can also use it to perform their online assignments. This Mac laptop can work for hours on a single charge. It is no longer required to charge the device after every 4 hours like the other MacBooks.

Do you want to buy this advanced Mac laptop? Check out these exclusive features before making the ultimate decision:

  1. Sturdy and Classic Design

Apple kept the MacBook Air M1’s design the same as its predecessor. The only difference between this updated Mac laptop is fewer buttons in the Function row. In this new Apple device, you will get a Spotlight search button. 

It allows users to find their important files and emails quickly. So, contact MacBook Repair Dubai if this key stops working. The “Do not Disturb” feature lets you focus on the important work. It hides the messages from the Notification Center. Thus, enable this option and increase your productivity.

Moreover, Apple integrated a “Dictation” button in this macOS Big Sur product. Connect the MacBook Air to Siri to use this feature. Otherwise, you can’t send the dictation requests to Apple. These features were not present in the previous MacBook Air models.

Apple made significant improvements in this M1-powered MacBook. It switched to a unified memory architecture from a microprocessor. Besides, there is no separate graphics memory in this ultra-advanced laptop. The company made these changes to make the MacBook Air faster.

What are the drawbacks of the 13.6-inch MacBook Air M1?

There are some Mac features that you won’t like. Earlier, the users faced issues when using the webcam of the MacBook Air (2020). Apple claimed to resolve this glitch in the next MacBook Air model, but somehow it failed. 

Moreover, the camera resolution is still 720p and generates technical problems. Apple tried to include real-time image processing to improve image quality. However, users still face issues while using the MacBook Air’s webcam. Sometimes, this error could occur for an out-of-date OS. Update the device’s software to eliminate the webcam issues.

2. Super-Fast Performance 

Apple laptops are known for their excellent performance, and MacBook Air is no exception. It can run multiple apps simultaneously without system crashes. Moreover, you can work on different tabs of Chrome on this device. MacBook Air is perfect for video and music editing.

MacBook Air’s new M1 system-on-a-chip boosts its performance. There is an eight-core CPU in this Mac processor. Its four cores can handle power-intensive tasks. And, the other four activate when you do light work like surfing the internet. 

This new technology allows the users to conserve the laptop battery. A Windows PC with an ARM processor is slower than this Mac laptop. The M1 chip ensures that the device performs better even with a low battery percentage. Moreover, Apple added Intel processors in the earlier MacBook models. 

Many find the Macs with Intel Core i3 chips problematic. It slows down the Mac laptop’s performance. Thus, Apple decided to equip this next-generation processor in the new MacBook Air. 

Do you know this M1 chip is faster than the Tiger Lake processor? So, if you need a Mac laptop at a reasonable price, get this one.

Can You Run the iOS or iPadOS Apps in the MacBook Air M1?

Apple’s M1-based machines can run every app and utility. It can run iPhone and iPad apps on the Rosetta 2 emulation layer. Moreover, you can use the old macOS apps on this device. Open the App Store, download the apps and use them without hurdles. However, ensure to update the MacBook Air to macOS Big Sur to run these apps.

Is MacBook Air M1 faster than the M1-Powered MacBook Pro 13?

MacBook Air isn’t the first laptop that has the M1 chip. Apple first included this advanced processor in the MacBook Pro 13 model. Though, it runs faster than the other MacBook Pro models. But, the M1-powered MacBook Pro 13 can’t beat the fanless MacBook Air. 

MacBook Air M1 delivers better performance than this Apple laptop. The MacBook Pro 13’s M1 has a single-core CPU and takes time to load apps. Running Adobe’s creative suite is challenging in MacBook Pro 13. However, you can easily use this editing software in the MacBook Air M1.

3. Flexible Connectivity Options

The new MacBook Air has multiple port options, and you get two Thunderbolt 3 and four USB-C ports in this latest Apple laptop. Additionally, Apple included a 3.5mm audio jack in the M1-powered MacBook Air. There isn’t a memory card slot to share the phone’s media. 

But, you can transfer the mobile data on the laptop via Bluetooth. Besides, the 13.6-inch MacBook Air doesn’t support external GPU enclosures. Users can only connect a single external display to this device. If you need to attach two external monitors, the M1 version isn’t the best choice. 

Does the MacBook Air M1 Provide any Other Port Options?

Apple’s MacBook Air (2021) has an HDMI and DisplayPort. This indicates that you can connect external gaming peripherals to this Mac laptop. Moreover, users can connect the smart TV to MacBook via a cable using the HDMI port. But, verify the device is compatible with the MacBook to avoid connectivity issues. 

4. Great Display, Keyboard and Touchpad

MacBook Air M1 has a 13.6-inch anti-glare display, and it produces 389 nits brightness and is ideal for editing works. You can even adjust the screen brightness when working in low light conditions. Most premium Windows PCs offer 98% sRGB and 73% of AdobeRGB. 

Whereas, the MacBook Air provides 100% of sRGB and 79% of AdobeRGB. There aren’t many differences, right? But if you want to edit high-quality photos, you will need more sRGB or AdobeRGB percentages. The MacBook Pro 13 also shares the same colour gamut points. 

Additionally, Apple replaced the butterfly keyboard in this Mac laptop. Instead, it integrated the new Magic Keyboard to enhance the user’s typing speed. The MacBook Air’s keyboard is extremely comfortable and easy to use. 

The touchpad is larger than the previous MacBook Air model. Apple was planning to add a Touch ID sensor in the previous model. And, finally, it embedded this sensor in the Air M1’s power button. It will let you unlock the device by entering the login password. 

It works like Windows PC’s Hello Technology, but it doesn’t have a facial recognition feature. You have to log in to the device using the fingerprint reader. Don’t know how to use this security feature? Access the Apple menu, tap on “System Preferences” and select “Touch ID”. Choose “Add Fingerprint”, and then generate a secure password.

What about Its Battery Life?

Apple claimed that MacBook Air M1 can last up to 18 hours. You can play battlefield games without battery drainage issues. Besides, the device won’t generate excess heat when using editing apps. Apple included the advanced 30W USB-C power adapter in this device.

It takes less than three hours to get fully charged. Never use a third-party charger when powering up this Mac device. It can damage the battery and prevent the laptop from working properly. Always use a Mfi-certified adapter for super-fast charging. 

So, what are you waiting for? Spend a few bucks and get this latest MacBook now!

MacBook Air M1 Review — Fanless, Extremely Fast and Ultra-Portable