Love Is In The Hair With Indique Black Friday Sale

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Indique Black Friday Sale

Love is in the hair this Black Friday Sale with amazing deals on hair extensions and wigs at Indique Virgin Hair. There are tons of ways to celebrate this year’s holiday season and you can begin yours by taking advantage of the biggest shopping day with Indique Hair.

Here is a list of Indique’s hair products that you need to get during this black friday hair sale, so you look flawless for the rest of the year, especially during the holiday season. 

Hysteria Collection by Indique- Indique Black Friday Sale

Indique’s Hysteria collection consists of colored SEA (South-East Asian) hair extensions that are vibrant, lustrous, and tangle-free. Add color to life with Hysteria Collection. 

Hysteria Straight 

Tangle-free and easy to maintain, Hysteria Straight comes in 5 gorgeous colors and 3 varying lengths. This hair extension is easy to curl and straighten. Use Hysteria Straight to get it sewn into your hair. This helps protect your natural hair while you spot bright and bold color.

Hysteria Straight is a perfect product to buy for yourself or as a gift for your mom & girlfriends during Indique’s Black Friday sale 

Hysteria Classic 

Colored virgin Hysteria Classic hair extension is versatile at its best. You can achieve stunning hairstyles with this extension. Hysteria Classic hair extension comes in four varying lengths and seven colors. Use heat styling tools like a curling iron or a straightener to achieve different styles with Hysteria Classic. 

Hysteria Platinum Blonde 4X4 Closure 

What’s a better way to take advantage of Indique’s hair sale than investing in Hysteria Straight 4X4 Closure in Platinum Blonde? Hysteria Straight Platinum Blonde Closure offers a vibrant and beautiful look without damaging your natural hair in the process, and they are completely undetectable. 

Indique’s lace closure mimics a natural hair parting, and the virgin hair bundles hide knots more effectively. The closure blends in well with your hair, saving you time and causing minimal damage to your hair.

Purchase and wear Hysteria hair closure for a gorgeous look!

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Studio Collection By Indique 

The Studio Collection from Indique Hair has a wide range of human hair clip-in extensions that help add length and volume to your hair naturally. This collection has different textures and are available in natural 1B tone and gorgeous colors. 

Studio Fishnet Curly 

Studio Fishnet Curly hair extension is a popular product that sells out in no time. 9 wefts are interlinked together to create one unit of hair extension. This helps you achieve a fuller look with soft, and luscious curls in a minute. 

Studio Fishnet curly comes in 2 incredible lengths, 16 and 22 inches which can be worn in one length or layered. Indique also has Studio Fishnet Hair Extension in straight and wavy textures to meet your different hair needs. 

Get amazing deals on Studio Fishnet Curly, Straight, and Wavy by shopping during Indique’s 2021 Black Friday sale. 

Studio Perfect 10: Blow-Out


Studio Perfect 10: Blow-out has 5 sets that come in different sizes to provide you with versatile hairstyles. This set includes the following:

  • Two 3” wefts with 2 clips
  • Two 4.5” wefts with 3 clips
  • Two 6.5” wefts with 3 clips
  • Two 7.5” wefts with 4 clips
  • And two 9” wefts with 4 clips

You have the freedom to use this clip-in hair extension as a set for a fuller look or individually to add length and volume where needed. You can achieve a natural-looking blown-out hairstyle with Studio Perfect 10 from Indique Virgin Hair. The Studio Perfect 10 Straight comes in one length and 5 amazing colors that will make your jaws drop. 

Studio Perfect 10: Organic Curl 


The Organic Curl from Indique’s Studio Collection is the perfect hair extension for women with 4c hair texture. This set includes the following:

  • Two 3” wefts with 2 clips.
  • Two 4.5” wefts with 3 clips
  • Two 6.5” wefts with 3 clips
  • Two 7.5” wefts with 4 clips
  • And two 9” wefts with 4 clips

This hair extension comes in two lengths, 14 and 22 inches, which you can mix and match to create unique layered hairstyles. 

The 1B color blends beautifully with natural hair and adds gorgeous and lustrous tight curls that will make you the center of attention during the holiday season. 

Studio Perfect 10: Coil Curl

If you are looking for soft and lustrous curls then Studio Perfect 10 Coil Curl is the perfect hair extension for you. Achieve the desired length and volume for your hair within minutes with this human hair clip-in extension

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This clip-in hair extension has beautifully textured spirals that begin an inch from the weft, which helps provide a natural look. The volume from Studio Perfect 10 Coil Curl Clip-In Extension set is simply fabulous!

 This set includes the following:

  • Two 3” wefts with 2 clips.
  • Two 4.5” wefts with 3 clips
  • Two 6.5” wefts with 3 clips
  • Two 7.5” wefts with 4 clips
  • And two 9” wefts with 4 clips

Pure Collection 

Indique’s Pure Collection offers a wide range of hair extensions and wigs that you need to purchase during their Black Friday hair sale. This collection includes natural and untouched virgin Indian Remy hair that replicates natural hair. 

Pure Wavy Hair Extension

Achieve alluring and easy-to-style hairstyles with Indique’s Pure Wavy virgin hair extensions. This hair extension allows you to create multiple looks with ease. You can use heat styling tools on Pure Wavy hair extensions to accentuate the waves or straighten them. 

To make this hair extension last longer, use hair care products developed by Indique as they are free from harmful chemicals that shorten the lifespan of hair extensions and wigs. 

The Pure Wavy Hair has a lustrous wavy pattern that starts from the brows until the ends and provides a ton of volume. 

Pure Curly Hair Extensions

Indique Black Friday Sale

Life seems good with good hair days, and Indique’s Pure Curly Hair Extension guarantees good hair days. Get amazing natural ringlets with this curly hair extension. This hair extension provides endless styling options. 

They can be easily straightened for a sleek look that lasts until the extensions are washed. You can either wear it in one length or add layers with different lengths. You can even color Indique’s hair extensions for a beautiful look.

Pure Wavy Lace Front Wig

Indique Black Friday Sale


Pure Wavy Lace Front Wig from Indique provides full coverage and is great for you and your loved ones. The wig also acts like a protective style. 

This Pure Wavy Lace Front Wig also offers freestyle parting and tons of styling options. Use a hair curler to accentuate the waves or change the texture of this wavy lace front wig. If you’re looking for curly texture, then Indique has that too.

So, there you have it! A complete list of human hair wigs and extensions that you NEED to get your hands on during Indique’s Black Friday sale to stand out on this year’s holiday season.

Get your wish-list ready for Indique Black Friday Sale because there are huge deals coming your way!

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