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Need a new haircut? Check the popular girls hair cut name before you proceed further! 

If you get just a random haircut every time, then it is high time to bring some change. Besides, you should know which style suits you the best. You can either choose your hairstyle based on your face cut and design. The other way to find the right look for your hair is by trying one after the other. When getting the right haircut, you can meet with the fashionista hidden within you. Therefore, we have covered popular girls hair cut name for you. Let’s explore! 

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Names Of The Most Trendy Girl Hair Cut

Regular haircuts not only keep your hair in optimal health but also make you look gorgeous. Next time you go to the salon, try between any of the below-given hair cuts: 

1: Multilayers Hair Cut

If you possess long hair, then you can go with the multi-layers haircut. As the name itself indicates, multi-layered hair can give your hair a multi-level appearance. This look is often possible with long hair only. In addition to the look, this haircut also gives volume to your hair. This hairstyle can make your hair look thick, healthy, and stylish. When managing long hair is a demanding task, this haircut can make long hair management a cakewalk. In the multilayer haircut, too, you can choose a wide range of the varieties, such as messy, wavy, and several others. 

Multilayers Hair Cut


2: Messy Wob

Messy Wob is one of the most trending haircuts that celebrities too are following these days. If you want to enjoy a celebrity look, then Messy Wo haircut has got you covered. It is nothing like a monotonous and regular haircut but is fancier and can add a most-desired flair to your hair. Its style is most suitable for short hair. To attain a bold look, it is crucial to get the highlighting done instead of the plain haircut. When adding style to your boring look, Messy Wob can also enhance your hair volume

Messy Wob


3: Pixie Cut

Pixie Cut is a bold haircut to try; however, it will bring you to the class of many celebrities who are already enjoying this look. This haircut is suitable for all kinds of hair textures. People with an oval or round-shaped face can better pull off this look. Besides, this look is also highly preferred by the old women. In this cut, short hairs are cropped into an untidy look. If you want to stand out from the crowd, then this bold and rebellious look is for you. You can get a Pixie cut customized for you based on the length, color, and texture. 

Pixie Cut


4: Bob Haircut

The next style in the list of the girls hair cut name is bob cut, which is suitable for short to medium length hairs. Bob cut looks attractive and classy. It is a highly preferred look for little girls that gives a cute look to them. You can get a refreshing look when switching to the Bob look. Moreover, you can get surprised to see the degree of variations in a single haircut. Hair designers never keep calm and try to invent new looks for the same hairstyle. You can give it a try to experience the change in your look. 

Bob Haircut

5: Razor Cut Hairstyle

If you have marginally straight wavy hairs, then a razor-cut hairstyle can be your best bet. In this look, one side is usually short-trimmed, whereas the remaining part has a bouncy hair look. It can vary from the Pixie cut length to the shoulder length. Besides, you can choose from an extensive range of options for the same look. If you want a new look for the summer, you can go with the razor cut to stay cool and look cool. Above all, it is very easy to maintain, so that you can carry it with the utmost comfort, without always looking for it. 

Razor Cut Hairstyle


6: Trending Undercut Hairstyle

Undercut hairstyles have gained immense popularity for offering the most unique and custom-tailored looks to the girls these days. In this haircut, your undercuts are shaved to form a desired shape or pattern you can relate to. If you think a pattern goes with your personality, you can get it shaped by your hairstylists. For instance, you get tattooed at places according to your unique personality. This haircut adds a quirk to your look when defining you the best. The best part is that you can flaunt it by tiding your hair upward and hide it on formal occasions by leaving your hair untidy. 

Undercut Hairstyle


7: Short Bang Haircut

The next girls hair cut name is short bangs that can be depicted by its name to a great extent. It is best suitable for short hair. You can either shake your short hair up with a bang or give it an entirely new look with the help of this haircut. It is an easy-to-pick feminine look that can bring a significant change to your look. Also, it adds extra volume to the hairs and is suitable for all textures. You can play with the colors in addition to this amazing hairstyle. 

Short Bang Haircut


8: Wavy Haircuts

Wavy haircuts are those wherein your hair has more waves and fewer curls. This haircut is suitable for both short and long hair. Wavy hair looks stunning and can add charm to your look. However, styling wavy hairs can be demanding. However, you don’t need to consider the factors like texture or shape of the face. You can also carry a pouf on the top along with the wavy hairs on the sides. 

Wavy Haircuts



Girls are blessed with plenty of options when it comes to styling their hair. However, changing to a new look is always a matter of concern if it will go well or not. In this post, we have listed some of the most eye-capturing hairstyles for girls that are highly in trends. Give these looks a shot and flaunt the fashionista within you. If you enjoyed it, find more amazing blogs from our blog section. 


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