List Of The Best Language Learning Software In 2021

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Best language learning soiftware

If you are looking for the best language learning software for you, then you have landed at the right place. Learning new languages has its own set of advantages. It can boost your growth in your professional life or just help you to communicate with a different part of the world and make new friends. It can be used for individuals or firms across several industries to increase foreign language expertise for career advancement or foreign interactions. In this post, you can find the list of the best language learning software you can use in 2021 to enhance foreign language learning skills. Let’s find out! 

11 Best Language Learning Software List 

Below is the list of the best language learning software you can have for learning a new language: 

1: Duolingo

It is thrilling and addictive to learn a language with Duolingo. You will win points for correct answers, compete against the clock, and level your learning up. Duolingo lessons are tailored to adapt your style of learning. Exercises are designed to help you learn vocabulary efficiently and revisit it. Its amazing features make it one of the best language learning software. 

Besides, as you learn new words, phrases, and grammar, it allows you to gain virtual coins, unlock new levels, and watch your fluency score increase. See immediately which answers you get correct. It will easily show you how to improve when you miss a challenge. An analysis found that Duolingo’s 34 hours is equivalent to 1 university semester of language courses.

Best language learning software

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2: Rosetta Stone

You can learn and speak a new language fluently with Rosetta Stone language solutions. The application can decrease language and cultural barriers. Using the program, you can achieve increased retention of workers to reduce the risk of compliance and increase productivity. Effective language training can be the hidden organizational tool of your organization.

Best language learning software

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3: Open English

In Latin America and in the US, Open English offers online English colleges. Demand for Hispanics. The app was founded in 2007 to reinvent the way English is taught while addressing the needs of today’s busy professionals. Personalized, live classes are provided by the online school 24 hours a day, seven days a week, with teachers who are all native English speakers.

Best language learning software

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4: Busuu

With its management platform, Busuu for Business includes award-winning courses in 12 different languages, ways to customize content to the individual, organizational needs, and the means to evaluate success. To access additional features such as advanced grammar lessons, Offline Mode, McGraw-Hill Education certification, or adaptive vocabulary trainer, learners can sign up for free or upgrade to Premium membership. It is the best language learning software when it comes to easy learning. 


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5: Mango Languages

Mango’s award-winning language courses blend quality content with intelligent technology to deliver realistic phrases so that you’re confident in implementing your skills in real life. The experience of the learner is unique: Mango adapts to your speed of learning, teaching until you feel secure with new words and phrases, developing a learning approach based around you. Over 70 world language courses and more than 20 ESL courses follow the effective methodology of the Mango learning system.

Best language learning software

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6: Memrise

Memrise is an app for language learning that is the opposite of learning in textbooks. The program is super fun and extremely powerful. For Android, iPhone, or tablets, you can download Memrise and begin learning for free. The program allows you to select over 20 official language courses produced by trained linguists. Besides, in everyday life, you can learn the language that real native speakers use. The smart learning app tailors the course, keeping you inspired and on track. A variety of proven methods of memory help you learn quickly and remember for longer.

Memrise app

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7: Babbel for Business

Babbel for Business came into existence in 2017, and over 400 companies from various industries use it for Business as part of their professional development programs. The list of these programs may include formal or casual training initiatives, team incentives, or benefits. In both Business and casual scenarios, you can choose from 14 languages and get easy lessons. Babbel is versatile to meet the requirements of specific business objectives or to allow students to explore what interests them.


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8: Lingvist

The Lingvist app customizes the learning experience for you, adjusting to the best way your memory functions, pulling up the words you need at the right time so that they can remain in your long-term memory. You can try this app to learn several languages such as Spanish, French, Russian, German, and English. Besides, learning a new language is really fast with its relevant and practical vocabulary. Above all, you can learn native sounding virtual voice to get the right accent and find some real-world contexts in sentences to boost your learning. 


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9: OpenSesame

OpenSesame is a helpful application for the most active and admired workers in the world. It will support you at every step of the way, from finding courses to mapping them to your core competencies, with the most extensive catalog of e-learning courses from the world’s top publishers. It can also help to synchronize them with your LMS to maximize the usage of your L&D programs and enhance them. 

You will not only have the versatility of several OpenSesame buying options, but you will also find it easy to use and manage your e-learning courses. Thousands of courses covering business skills, compliance, protection, technology, certifications, and industry-specific subjects are included in its intelligible catalog. Due to these amazing features, it is considered the best language learning software. 


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10: Yabla

Yabla is a smart language learning software that can help you learn faster. It has dual language and engaging subtitles and playback controls to make you learn a language with the utmost ease. The list includes music, TV shows, documentaries, interviews, lessons, and much more. Above all, you can learn from the native teachers about practical scenarios. 

Best language learning software

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11: Earworms Language Learning

The science behind catchy songs that stick in the head is the basis of Earworms MBT. The music serves as a catalyst for the memorization of terms, and deep in the long-term memory anchors the new vocabulary. An interactive phrase-book containing all the terms and phrases spoken, plus the phonetic sounds of the expression, comes with each course. 

Best language learning software

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Final Words!! 

The post has enlisted some of the best language learning software for the users willing to learn a new language. If you liked this post, then find more amazing blogs by reaching to our blog section.


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