ITIL® 4 Foundation Certification in Hong Kong, Hong Kong

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ITIL® 4 Foundation Certification

Knowledgehut, an immersive learning platform for the learning enthusiasts seeks to regularly offer in-demand training courses and renowned certification. The aim is to give the individuals right opportunity who are in constant search of getting equipped with the requisite skills needed to land most lucrative job roles of the industry with a good pay scale. One such course being offered on its platform is the ITIL Foundation Course. The present article specifically talks about the ITIL® 4 Foundation Certification Training in Hong Kong, Hong Kong which has been comprehensively designed for those individuals who want to earn the knowledge and understanding of ITSM skills of providing best delivery of quality digital deliverables in form of products and services.

The course is curate to help the candidates learn how to get in engaged in the better transformation of their organization to ensure a continued agility in the productivity. By the end of the course you will be efficient in bringing about a change with minimal service disruption and continual product and service improvement. You will be able to manage impediments, risks, and conflicts with ease with our experiential learning process given in real world context. ITIL® 4 Foundation Certification-

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ITIL is a Agile framework which is used in selecting, standardizing, planning, maintain, and delivering quality digital product and services. In this regard, the present ITIL4 Foundation Certification course comes in handy because it is beneficial in improving the quality of the products and services provided to the customers and also functioning of the internal operation.

The ITIL framework helps in the right delivery of the desired set services to be fulfilled and that too with increased efficiency. In addition to this, the ITIL certification course is curated in such a way to aid you prepare to your fullest for the exams by training you by the IT industry experts in Hong Kong to work with sample papers, pointers, and questionnaires so that you get the certification in ITSM skills. 


ITIL Certified individuals are highly sought after in Hong Kong for a fact, and the reason why the certification is so well appreciated across the globe, and particularly Hong Kong country is because of the ITIL framework is so versatile to be implemented in the organization for its continual success in the industry.

The ITIL framework has been designed by the skilled practitioners, keeping in consideration the needs and requirements of the several organizations who are in need of such a versatile framework which they can execute with customization as they need. The flexibility and scalability of ITIL framework is the major reason why it has been easily made adaptable to be implemented with other renowned practices such as COBIT, Six Stigma, or TOGAF.

It is a fact that service management has a promising future in Hong Kong, whether you see it from the IT perspective or a business perspective. Since the Covid-19 pandemic has put a major hlt to the major businesses, service management has been in spotlight since the last year because it is working well for brining wide productivity and value to the business instead o having technological solution is now the raison d’être for the IT Service Management.

Moreover, if you see it from the angle of financial well-being, a certified ITSM professional can make an average annual salary of HK$581,242 per annum than in comparison to their non-certified peers.

The present ITIL4 Foundation certification Course has been curated to aid the interested individuals make a successful and bright future in ITSM by helping them master the core principles and practices of ITIL framework. The certification is globally recognized, and is offered by the world-renowned AXELOS, a body which is well known for developing, managing, and growing the best practices of ITIL so the credential really has a high value when it comes to getting a job opportunity.

Upon the completion of the ITIL foundation course the candidates will be able to gain the requisite expertise to create the products and services and business value with customers and stakeholders. You can easily apply the ITIl guidng principles in ensuring the value and with the correct application of core concepts of Agile, Lean, and DevOps you can delivery best of organizational desired goals. Additionally, you will learn the efficient application of 4 dimension of service management in the different service area.

Skills you will learn from the itil foundation training

  • In-depth understanding of the ITIL guiding principles which comes handy in making service management decision
  • Knowledge of 4 dimension of service management and basic governance of modeling and structuring
  • Gain knowledge about service value chain activities and how to build it at various levels.
  • Learn Problem Management, Change Enablement, Incident Management, and so on.


The latest version of ITIL Foundation certification in the ITIL4 validates you knowledge and expertise in the ITIL concepts and process and make you a professional of the industry by giving you perk to communicate with other industry experts in Hong Kong and build a strong network.

If you don’t know where to start if to get the ITIL Foundation certification, then follow the below listed steps and get the certification in your hand.

Step 1: Get trained

Register yourself on Knowledgehut where you will be given training and enroll up for the latest ITIL Foundation Certification Training in Hong Kong. This will be a 2 day training program where you will be trained by the industry experts in real time.

Step 2: Take the exam

After your training is complete, you need to take up the online exam after you receive the exam key from PeopleCert®. Now, in this1 hour closed book exam, you need to score at least 65% to pass the exam.

  1. Become ITIL® certified!

After you have successfully passed the exam, you become eligible for the ITIL® 4 Foundation Certification. You can download your ITIL® Foundation certification and professionally become a ITSLM leader.

4. Final Remarks

The ITIL4 foundation course helps you gain a better understanding of enhancing the IT services across the organization and be informed about the niche of IT services management. You can bring organizational benefit by adapting the ITIL framework and have the advantage to command salary of your potential with confidence. 

There are no set of eligibility requirements that you need to fulfill in order to attend the ITIL® Foundation training and the ITIL certification exam because the course is open to every interested individual who is seeking to gain the service management skills, be it a IT professional, a project manager, business manager, ITSM manager, or business process owners. Even the professionals who are currently working in different areas of IT like product, digital, development service or certified individuals who want to further gain knowledge of ITIL4 the latest version can attend the course. 

So, everyone without further ado, who are interested in making their career in service management enroll with the course, and accelerate your career in the right direction, because this is the right time to shine with your skills. However, as it is said you need to always aim higher, similarly, higher ITIL certifications are also beneficial in elevating your future career in ITSM. 


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