Is it a Good Idea to Get a Memorial Tattoo?

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Get a Memorial Tattoo

Is it a Good Idea to Get a Memorial Tattoo? Tattoos are a fad these days and rage among actors, musicians, athletes. See LeBron in all his glory with the inks on his body during his NBA battles.

Some tattoo enthusiasts carry those body masterpieces as a meaningful symbol for a dear departed one or a memory of an unforgettable experience. Others think of it as a fad that they need on their body to go with the trend.

Go for a memorial tattoo If you want to keep a memory with you wherever you go. Reminisce those precious moments when you see the piece of art on your body.

Your first step is a consultation before getting a tattoo with your artist so everything will go well. You both need to be sure about all the specifics prior to pumping lots of ink to your skin.

What is a Memorial Tattoo?

A memorial tattoo is a body art indicating a personal declaration of an individual’s sentiments for a dear someone who passed away or significant events that is worth remembering. The body art has a personal meaning and a source of pride to the owner.

In what cases you can get a memorial tattoo?

The passing of a loved one is memorialized with the person’s date of birth and death within the design of the tattoo. Some have their body inked with the person’s portrait, others go for a spiritual symbol if a portrait brings sad thoughts.

Pet parents develop strong ties with their companions and the death of a pet brings an agonizing experience. In remembrance, a portrait, the name, birth date, date of passing, or the favorite activity are inked on the body of the pet owner.

A tragic event that sways the lives of people is frequently the subject of memorial tattoos. Popular designs are the events of 9-11 showing the towers falling; firefighters and military personnel braving showing their bravery to help people in distress. People who are sentimental to the deaths of George Floyd, Ahmaud Arbery, Nina Pop, or Tony McDade express their concern through Black Lives Matter tattoo designs.

Bible verses work well with the faithful to remind them about God’s words. Zodiac signs are also popular among tattoo enthusiasts.

Is a memorial tattoo a good idea?

Rather than keeping your emotions to yourself, a memorial tattoo is a way of showing your feelings of love and hurt. It pays tribute to your cherished one for all to see. Memorial tattoos are also a form of self-identity that makes the story unique and personal. Some people use a tattoo to cover a deformity on their skin.

On the downside, a memorial tattoo can be a constant reminder of grief rather than a proud homage. The purpose of the tattoo might have waned leaving you with a lasting token of a sentimental decision.

Look at the mirror and imagine the tattoo is set on your body. If it will remind you of painful times let the grief pass before you get your body inked. Or you might want to remember your loved one in another way. Remember, tattoos cannot be washed off they are permanent.

A consultation before getting a tattoo with a body artist will serve you well prior to joining the wonderful world of tattoo. They will give you a heads up on the right placement on your body, their idea about your design, and the proper care after the body modification

Memorial Tattoo Ideas to Honor a Loved One

When someone you loved left your life, it’s difficult to accept that you will never see or hear them again, or spend special moments with them. Photos and mementos are not enough for some; they need something that they can hold onto forever to keep close to their dear departed one. That’s why more people are getting inked to pay tribute to their loved ones, recollecting their memories any time and anywhere.

Today there are many memorial tattoo designs, the important thing is that the design should reflect your feelings and the memory of the departed one.


A symbol for a relative who underwent a successful major operation or someone who survived a near-death experience.

Birth and death dates

Signifies the date he/she was born, the number of years he/she stayed, and the date he/she left. This also tells how long you’ve been missing your loved one. Some opt for Roman numerals, others choose the conventional ones.


The Hummingbird tattoo is regularly linked with overcoming adversities, but it also implicates love, happiness, expectation, life, and charisma. It is also associated with culture, people, and a symbol of peace.


Angel tattoos come in myriad designs, styles, and colors. A Guardian Angel tattoo is usually floating with a glow behind them. Fallen Angel tattoo is portrayed with a broken wing, bent on one knee, and looking down.


There are many Flower tattoos to choose from each has its own history, beauty, and meaning.

  • The lotus bloom is linked with life, knowledge, and understanding.
  • Cherry blossoms are related to Japanese culture which typifies the magnificence and frailty of life.
  • Rose tattoos are associated with beauty, love, and faith.

Things to Consider Before Getting a Memorial Tattoo

Your mind will be buzzing with ideas figuring out which memorial tattoo will best fit for you and the memory you would like to recall. Since many things can happen, consider some important things before having the masterpiece on your frame.

Remember it’s permanent

Come up with a design that you’ll be happy with, it will always be there. It can be erased with

laser removal but the original texture of your skin won’t be restore. If your mindset is that it can be removed if you don’t want the result, then don’t get one.

Think twice about getting a significant other’s name inked on you. It’s okay if you’ve been involved with a partner for 20 years or so and if it’s the name of your child. But if it’s a relationship with Mary for two year’s having your name on your chest is not a good idea.

Double-check the spelling of names, syntax errors, and numbers. A memorial tattoo with inaccuracies will be wasted.

Judgmental people

Even with today’s acceptance of tattoo, people still don’t forget the stigma. The body ink is associated with rebellious people, troublemakers, and drug addicts in the 50’s respectable people usually avoid them. Folks look down on tattooed people and make an unfair and unpleasant judgment.

Trying to get a corporate job is sometimes difficult, especially if the bosses are conservative. So, if you’re hoping to land a job after college make that tattoo small and it can be hidden with your shirt on.

A tattoo erases your personal boundary; people don’t show any respect.  Total strangers might accost you and start rolling up your sleeve for a better view of the body art.

It should mean something

Getting a tattoo is a painful experience, it’s not cheap, and it’s marked on your body for life. That said, the piece should have meaning so you won’t hate it when you see it. People treasure tattoos for their meaning like memorial art for a deceased loved one, a piece from your favorite bible verse, a symbol from your favorite childhood memory, or your unforgettable experience that only you can understand.

Plan the placement of your tattoos so you can have some space for future ones. Good ideas might come in later and some pieces are on the way.

Avoid following the trend, be unique in your design this is a personal story that needs custom work.

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