How Your Houseboat Can Help You with Creative Projects

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Your Houseboat

A Houseboat is a boat primarily designed to be a dwelling place for the owners or users. Some of these boats do not move at all. They are moored, kept at one point, and are often used to provide utilities on land. However, some others can operate on their own. If you are looking for yacht hire Greece, go through the complete article.

The fact that water covers 70% of the earth’s surface means that it was not going to take too long before starting to see land-reserved structures on water. This concept of living on the water began to take shape in the 90s with water-friendly cities such as Oregon, Portland, Netherlands, Amsterdam, etc. Over the years, we have seen countries like India, and Zimbabwe uses houseboats for entertaining tourists, especially those traveling across cities. This allows them to spend some time off the land.

Some houseboat designs are bound to wow you. Some of these designs are born from very brilliant architectural minds and are a stunning work of art. What’s more amusing is the fact that they designed these houses not to be so big. But with the shortness of space, people still find a way to live comfortably in it. It is perhaps due to the creative idea for building the boat or the houseboat owner’s ability to use every square inch of space effectively, what is important when you have business with the research paper writing services.

One thing is clear. It takes a lot of creativity to build a houseboat and live in one.


A significant advantage of a houseboat is that it can travel. Landlubbers remain stuck in one position, looking at an unchanging scenery or neighborhoods, dreaming about what is beyond the horizon. However, a houseboat owner can weigh an anchor and move into the sea (if they built it for travel).

The over blue is more of a hybrid between a houseboat and a yacht. This makes it very comfortable for living and traveling on the sea.

This houseboat is built like a catamaran (meaning it has two hulls running parallel to themselves). This increases the stability of the boat. The low hydrodynamic drag of this houseboat also makes it more fuel-efficient.

The fact that they did not build the houseboat for sailing alone makes Overdue ideal for a houseboat. It has a beautiful and cozy interior, which gives enough room to move freely. This houseboat comes in different sizes and models.

The Fennell Residence

The Fennell Residence

If you look at this houseboat in just one glance, you will see how many architects Robert Oshatz put into creating this unique design. The Fennell Residence used glulam timber cleverly, which makes the interior look cozy and warm. The dining room and living room face the sea directly and have an expensive glass window, which allows the residents to capture the beautiful sunset scenarios.

The master bedroom is just above the residence’s study and looks out over the river and the living room. The spatial differentiation of this houseboat is incredible. It gives it a stunning curvilinear form that defines the beauty of the houseboat irrespective of the time of the day you view it.

The Floating

The Floating

The Floating is another beautiful houseboat that was created by an affiliate group of the University of Coimbra. However, this group has rebranded and is now known as Friday, even though it is still the same engineers, naval architects, and industrial designers. This team has a specific niche market that they specialize in. It is mainly of floating homes and custom-made houseboats varying in length from 33 feet to 59 feet.

Some deluxe floating packages come with a solar-powered motor. At the same time, the average homes have enough in them to be self-sufficient for up to a week.

Port X

Port X

This is another unique houseboat that is a result of an ambitious Port X project. The houseboat has a C-shaped design that can help create the roof or floor, a glass facade, and the structure’s rear wall. The building is enclosed by the façade, which gives a clear view of the river.

The modern and sleek design of this houseboat also acts as a contrast to the rotunda surrounding and the city’s architecture that is very Romanesque. The intuitive design means that you can quickly assemble, deconstruct, and relocate. You can rent out your houseboat or tow it down a river. If you are renting it, you can make as much as $134 for single-occupancy, but if you are renting to cohabiting guests, you can make $170 per night.

Floating Seahorse

Your Houseboat

This is unique in the series of houseboats. The floating seahorse was built as a member of the Heart of Europe (a human-made archipelago in Dubai). The base model, which we showed in the picture above costs a sum of $2.8 million. But the more extravagant counterparts cost within the region of $12 million.

The flying seahorse is a three-story structure with a sunbathing area, a hot tub, and an observation deck. The bedroom in this houseboat and the bathroom are just below the deck. This will allow you to observe aquatic life like you ever will at any time of the day that you feel like.

The makers of this series of the houseboat (Heart of Europe) are still working on it. But the group responsible for the houseboat and resort (The Kleindienst Group) expect that it will be an in-demand tourist destination of all destinations on earth. But before that time, you will need a boat or a plane to access the floating seahorse.


Your Houseboat

You can regard this structure as something more of a barge than a real horseboat because of its immobility. However, this structure was birthed by great minds at the Rost Niderehe architecture firm in Hamburg.

The Rost Niderehe included its modern signature touch in building the different parts of the houseboat with bathrooms, private bedrooms, open back deck, and gorgeous timber siding.

This structure was built in 2011 and won many recognition awards for the architecture firm because of its sleek exterior style and its gorgeous look. This houseboat is in Hamburg’s Eilbek Canal, in Germany. Since it needs a tugboat before it can move around by itself, it would be in that area for a while longer.

Villa Nackros

Your Houseboat

This houseboat is located on Sweden’s east coast, in a town called Kalmar. It is a contemporary houseboat with incredible views of the waterfront, a top floor deck that is ideal for watching the sunset, and a spatial floor plan. It has a living space of more than 1900 square feet and has six bedrooms. The kitchen is technologically advanced, and the whole houseboat oozes of affluence and luxury.

This residence has a weight of about 165 tons, which means that no amount of large waves, strong wind, or floating ice will be able to knock it off its rocker. The owners can also access up to 1000 square feet of garden space at the rooftop. You can also fasten any small boat to it with the aluminum mooring bar fit.


The luxury which houseboats offer goes to show how much you can achieve with your creativity. The makers had to dig in their brilliant minds to design and construct these houseboats. Now people can holiday and live in the sea and enjoy more than enough luxury. These houseboats can serve as an inspiration to bring out the creativity in you.



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