How were ties broken in tennis before the introduction of tiebreak?

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Tiebreaks are quite commonplace in modern tennis. At kabaddi sometimes it is also necessary to break ties, and when that happens, make sure to wager on the website.


However, this hasn’t always been the case. Tiebreaks as we know them today were introduced in 1965. Prior to that, different methods were employed to determine the winner of the set or match. Tennis matches are full of exciting moments, including the tiebreaks themselves of course, and all of them can be wagered at the 1xBet platform.

Long sets and sudden death

One of the methods used was the “advantage set” or “long set” format. In this format, a set was played until one player won six games, but with the requirement of having a two-game lead. If the score was tied at 6-6, players continued to play until one player had a two-game lead. This could result in a very long set, and some matches could last for several hours. Great advantages can also be obtained in kabaddi matches, and your best kabaddi live bets can always be made on the 1xBet website.


Another method used was the “sudden death” format, which was used in the final set of a match. In this format, the first player to win six games won the set and the match. However, if the score was tied at 5-5, the next game would be played as a “sudden death” game. There are many aspects to mention about this way of breaking ties, such as:


  • the player that won the next point immediately won the entire match;
  • the player that served on that point was chosen by tossing a coin;
  • however, many criticized this method, as it seemed unfair to decide an entire match just on a single point.


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The “best of” format

The third method used was the “best of” format. In this format, players played an odd number of sets, usually three or five, and the player who won the majority of sets won the match. If you want great tennis match betting odds visit the 1xBet platform.


If the sets were tied, players continued playing until one player won the decisive set by a two-game lead.


In 1965, the tiebreak was introduced to tennis, primarily to make matches shorter and more spectator-friendly. In the tiebreak format, players play a series of points, usually seven, and the player who wins the majority of those points wins the tiebreak and the set. If the tiebreak is tied at 6-6, players continue playing until one player wins by a two-point margin. Everybody can take advantage of the tennis betting odds offered by 1xBet, which are also great when wagering on tiebreaks of different matches.