How to Start a Successful Online T-shirt Business?

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How to Start a Successful Online T-shirt Business

A wardrobe essential

Yes… a t-shirt, no wardrobe is complete without owning a t-shirt. It is that piece of attire that almost everyone has in their closet.

T-shirt is an art, it could be of single color, multi color, plain and simple, quirky, prettified with your business logo, comfy reflection of your triumph, retains memory of a special moment, convey message, ideology, music, sports, passion and the list goes on.

In simple words, fashion trends can come and go but this bit of clothing can never go out of trend. It comes in a huge variety of styles, patterns and colors and definitely adds versatility to your style. It is one the most basic items in your wardrobe that can be classic, chic, economical, comfortable and appealing as well.

Is T-shirt business profitable?

So if you have realized the popularity of this product and considered about building your own business, it could be a productive decision as the global market for the custom t-shirt printing industry is expected to surpass 10 billion US dollars by 2050, which shows that the fashion industry has secured a stable and sturdy place in e-commerce.

As t-shirts are an indispensable part of wardrobe across the globe, Online T-shirt Business is a well liked choice for newcomers and worldly-wise ecommerce entrepreneurs as well. However, the popularity of business also gives rise to the competition so if you want to succeed make sure your shop is noticeable and stand-out in the crowd. Building an online t-shirt business can be really profitable with low startup costs but you need to equip your business with the right marketing strategies and regularly run campaigns to reach out to your audience.

Things to keep in mind when starting an online t-shirt business:

Recognize your Market

The first thing you have to consider is what type of t-shirt business you want to start, this will help you to understand what will be the quality of your garments and how much time will be required to dedicate in designing and business branding. Understand the market and work  accordingly, you can create unique and imposing designs to grab attention and stand out and your chances for success will be considerably higher.

Don’t stop, take all your time and do a thorough research about what you want to create. Go through other online stores and shops and jot down any ideas that you find majestic and unusual. After doing a detailed and comprehensive research, give your creativity wings and think about how you can make your online business even better and different from others. If you find any sector of the market untouched, take the advantage, it’s easier to be distinguishable and recognizable when there’s less competition.

Design What you Love

It may sound simple but once you decide to start your own business, it would be one of the most crucial steps. Your impressive designs and uniqueness is what that will hold your customer. There will be many hit and miss methods to know what your customer wants and what resonate with their choice. You have to know your target market like which age group wears most t-shirts, how choices differ with respect to gender, what do they like to wear, when they wear their t-shirt and for purposes they use.

It is crucial to keep in mind about the latest trend, color, material, quality, size, shape, softness, texture and purpose. Researching about these things will give you a better idea about how to design your product without wasting money on failed designs. Your designs should act as a strong foundation for your business’s success.

To know what fits your customers don’t be afraid to think outside the box and try out various designs. You can make your very own t-shirt designs but if you lack in designing skills and don’t feel confident, worry not; there are many t-shirt printing tools available in the market.  Designhill’s t-shirt printing tool is one such tool that will help you to create unique t-shirt design. Designhill has an elite range of printed t-shirt designs fit for every occasion. You can bring out your ideas and design your t-shirt with the help of its library of icons, colors, fonts and images. You can also hire freelancer designers to get your design done. A high quality and an impressive t-shirt design will definitely attract customers.

Don’t Compromise on Quality

After creating impressive and unique designs, one thing that is most crucial for the success and sustainability of your online business is the quality of your t-shirts. No one will buy from a seller whose products fade away or shrink after a single wash. For customer retention, you have to create and maintain your goodwill in the market and selling a high quality product is a way to do that. It may cost more to produce but will give a higher outcome as well.

Mocking up your T-Shirts

Once you are done with your final designs, create mockup images of your designs on an actual t-shirt using the online mockup tool and update your shop with on-trend shirt mockups that will make your shirt design more appealing. Your customer will definitely want to see what a final design would look before buying the product. You can order samples and take product photography by yourself or you can go for a digital mock up with the help of different t-shirt mockup generator tools available widely. Adobe Photoshop t-shirt templates, Graphic River T-shirt Mockups, Mockup world, Placeit, printful mockup generator, printify mockup generator are some of  the widely used mockup softwares for this task.

Validate your Designs

Make sure of your designs before you invest lots of money in your business. You can post your designs on social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or any other such sites to get reviews about your designs. You can also use Reddit where you can get honest feedback on your designs. Crowd funding is also a great method to test, validate and raise capital with the help and collective efforts of Friends, family, customers and individual investors. Organizing a crowdfunding campaign requires enough time and a good deal of preparation but its benefits can’t be overlooked.

Reach out to Influencers

Influencers can help you break in the market and influence people to believe in your brand by connecting you with people. It would prove to be extremely helpful in advertising your product and earning the trust of people that would help you to sell more and more products. Whether you are a newbie or a big businessman, influencer marketing could be boon for your brand.

Build a Website

Now when you are all set to take your business online, don’t forget to build your own website which is not only enticing but easy to use as well. Having a good and eye-catching website doesn’t just lead your business but also take care of your reputation and your visibility in the industry by showcasing your expertise. It helps you to be found online by customers and connect with them.

Set up a Delivery System

Today customers have lots of options to shop from and their needs have changed dramatically, everyone expects a fast, reliable and a hassle free delivery service. So when you are running your online business, make sure your delivery service is top notch. To boost your business, you need to pay attention to your customer needs and improve your customer service and a good delivery system is one of the keys to do it.


Now create your own success story, share your alluring designs with the masses, create a platform, reach out to customers, and make a good impression by help of these above mentioned tips and tricks. Make out of box designs and stand up tall in the crowd of online t-shirt business.


Be ambitious, be creative and lay the groundwork to become an entrepreneur….


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