How to recover deleted YouTube videos?

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recover deleted YouTube videos

YouTube is a great platform where you can record and upload great videos to amuse the viewers. But sometimes due to systemic or human fault, these videos are deleted. If the creators do not have any backup plan on the computer or PC, it is difficult to recover them. So what to do when your YouTube videos are deleted? There are numerous ways to recover YouTube videos. Lets discover the methods to recover deleted YouTube videos.

1. Go to help support:

Once your YouTube videos are deleted, you can get back YouTube videos from Help support. This method only works when you have enough subscribers on your YouTube channel and you are recognized by the YouTube Partner Program.

  • Go to your YouTube channel and click on the option Help support.
  • Then Click Needs More Help and click on the option Contact the YouTube Creator Support Team.

help support

  • Then click Email Support and describe your issue to recover specific YouTube videos.

Generally, the YouTube support team replies within 24 hours to resolve the issue and you can get back your YouTube videos.

2. Recover from the backup option in the PC:

You can use system backup on your PC to recover the deleted YouTube videos. If you have activated the backup option on your PC, you can restore deleted YouTube videos easily.

  1. Go to the start button and type Backup in the search option.
  2. Then go to the backup file history and click on the folder you want to recover from your PC.
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This method cannot recover YouTube videos if you have not enabled the backup option on the PC.

3. Recover YouTube videos from :

There is another option available to recover YouTube videos from a web-based tool. Deleted YouTube videos can be recovered by entering the link of deleted YouTube videos on the website

  1. Go to the website and log in with that email account you used to create YouTube videos.
  2. Enter all the information of the deleted video and enter the link to the YouTube video.

YouTube videos from

  1. The website will perform a scan and will seach the delted video. 
  2. Click on the option restore to get back your deleted YouTube videos.

Keep in mind this method works only when you have all the details regarding your uploaded video and you have the YouTube link to deleted the video. However if you do not have any detail of the YouTube video, it is not possible to recover the YouTube video by this method.

4. Recover YouTube videos from recovery software:

This method is used to run data recovery software when do not have the specific details (link, date) of your deleted YouTube video or you do not have any backup plan on your PC to recover YouTube videos. iBoysoft Data Recovery is the best method to recover deleted YouTube videos lost or deleted on both Mac and PC. Even if the original files are deleted or lost from your computer, iBoysoft Data Recovery will search for the videos originally created from your machine and restore any videos you posted to your YouTube channel. After downloading and using this software, you can enjoy publishing or viewing your videos again.

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Try the free version of the software which perform Windows and Mac data recovery and get back deleted videos.

Let’s see how to do it while using the software to recover deleted or lost YouTube videos on your Mac computer.

  • Launch iBoysoft Data Recovery. On the software home screen, you need to select the location from which you want to recover. Click on Scan.

  • When the scanning process finished, all the recovered data is listed in the left panel of the main window,. You can preview them in the right pane.

You can preview them in the right pane

Note : If you don’t see the required videos listed, go back to the home screen and click on the Deep Scan option at the bottom.

  • Click on Recover. You can also choose to recover only the selected files – select the videos you need and click Recover.
  • In the dialog box, specify the location to save the image files. Click on Save . All files are backed up to the specified location.

Other methods:

Try to contact YouTube support by phone and ask if they can restore. Also, don’t delay in contacting them once you delete the video to have a good chance of recovery.


Deleting YouTube videos from your channel while editing / publishing is one of the reasons leading to their loss. This is when iBoysoft Data Recovery comes to your rescue. Whether you accidentally delete videos or format storage media, this tool allows you to recover them clutter-free. Follow the methods mentioned above to get your precious videos back and smile again! 

More importantly, the users should show responsive behavior and should create a backup plan and save the videos in the Cloud to minimize the loss of data and to optimize data protection.

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