How to play the Weapon Warrior class in World of Warcraft Wrath of the Lich King

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World of Warcraft Wrath of the Lich King became a logical return to the canons of the most popular updates of the World of Warcraft universe, when the largest number of players was concentrated on the servers of Azeroth during the entire existence of the Blizzard project.

Many players left the project when WoW continued its development and started gradually, but the main mechanics of classes, builds, talents and pumping will noticeably change.

Of course, Blizzard is trying to take into account all the wishes of gamers in the Shadowlands and Dragonflight updates, but for ardent opponents of everything new, it was decided to launch the classic version, but with updated graphics.

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General information about the Warrior class with the Weapons specialization in World of Warcraft Classic

Weapons is an active specialization that allows the warrior to inflict heavy close physical damage on targets, quickly approach the enemy and control the enemy throughout the battle. One of the important features of the class is the ability to not only inflict heavy damage, but also significantly reduce the target’s healing received.

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Strengths of the Warrior class with the Weapons specialization in World of Warcraft Wrath of the Lich King

Has inexhaustible potential in battle, regardless of the duration of the battle. The class is effective both from the first seconds and for a long time of the battle.

Damage is boosted by explosive cooldowns, and they have short enough cooldowns that the class will be able to increase their damage power on a regular basis.

The ability to permanently keep the target under the effect of reducing incoming healing by 50% without the possibility of dispelling, which will greatly complicate the task of any enemy healer.

Weaknesses of the Warrior class with the Weapons specialization in World of Warcraft Wrath of the Lich King

In places, the same type of playstyle is to get close to the target, apply a debuff to the reduction of protection and incoming healing, and destroy with dense physical damage, which increases during short cooldowns.

Limited mobility. The class has skills with rapprochement, but this may not be enough for classes that can quickly break the distance and deal various damage, including periodic damage.

Since the basis of damage is created by physical attack and damage in PVP and PVE, there is an acute dependence on the current and best equipment that comes from mythical raids and complex crafting.

Needs the support of allies, as he can simply be kited (run and deal damage).

The main characteristics that are important to strengthen for the Warrior class with the Weapons specialization in World of Warcraft Wrath of the Lich King

Accuracy – one of the most important parameters for a warrior will be accuracy. This is a stat that greatly reduces the miss chance for hits and spells. You can increase the parameter with the help of equipment, amplifying effects and stones.

Armor penetration is an important parameter that allows you to deal damage while ignoring the target’s defensive parameters, but in Gate of the Lich King, the developers have greatly complicated the process of obtaining such equipment, and if you cannot achieve a clear 50% advantage in the initial levels, then concentrate on strength and stamina to hit harder and stay under damage longer.

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Strength and attack level – the general parameter of strength increases damage and adds additional criteria for health and resistance to negative effects due to the main attribute for all representatives of the melee warrior class. Attack level is gained through equipment and weapons and serves as a good alternative along with power to break through armor. If you can’t get the target’s defense to be ignored, then deal as much damage as possible to knock out this parameter in a different way.

Resilience is a characteristic that is responsible for your resilience in PVP and PVE. The higher the resistance indicator, the more damage and negative effects you can reduce, or reflect. The higher the defense parameter, the more you can live during the battle and get close to the enemy, surviving the main volley of damage and delivering your attacks.

Critical Strike and Agility are not really the most important stats for a warrior, but they can be used to advantage with weak penetrating armor and attack power. Due to critical damage and high attack speed, you can achieve a significant increase in damage during cooldowns that increase damage. Dexterity works better for the Agility class, but can increase the chance to deal increased damage when using skills, which will definitely come in handy in difficult fights.

Where to get the best equipment and weapons for the Warrior class with the Weapons specialization in World of Warcraft Wrath of the Lich King

Fortunately, it will be possible to get good equipment for such a militant class as a warrior with weapons specialization through the PVP system of arenas and simple battles. Having accumulated enough coins and honor points, you can exchange them for parts of good equipment. This does not mean that you should ignore the raid system and get legendary equipment, especially since the Weapons Warrior is one of the best classes for dealing consistent physical damage against enemies of any type, including raid bosses.

What professions will be profitable to master if you are a Warrior with a specialization in Weapons

Jewelcrafting – with its help you can solve the problem with the shortage of stones that increase the armor penetration rate – the rarest parameter for the class, which will significantly increase the overall damage to the target.

Blacksmithing – in addition to classic weapons and armor, it is also the ability to mount stone slots in two types of equipment, which in the future can be filled with stones to penetrate armor.

Engineering – You can mount missiles and special turrets that will inflict incendiary damage on enemies around with a certain frequency.

Enchanting – with the right mastery of the skill, you can significantly increase the overall attack parameters, which will work as a good bonus to the main characteristic of armor penetration.